Where it's at: Devachan Salon in New York City and White Plains, New York

Owners: Lorraine Massey and Denis DaSilva

Description: The Deva Cutting technique is Devachan’s revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. We cut the hair dry, in its natural form, curl by curl. Allowing the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual curl, look and style. A curl-care lesson takes you beyond the salon.

Price: $85 to $250 depending on the level of the stylist and the volume of hair

Length of service: 45 minutes to 1½ hours

Who performs it: Qualified junior stylists and senior stylists

Products/tools needed: DevaCurl products and shears, no comb  

How it’s marketed: “Clients know we will listen to what they want and respect their hair. Devachan specializes in the cut and care of curly hair.”

Average sold per month: A senior stylist does around 180 hair cuts per month.

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