Farouk Systems' founder and chairman, Farouk Shami, was both taskmaster and judge on The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night.

Shami and business partner John McCall were on the show, explaining to the contestants how the new CHI touch-screen blow dryer was an innovation in the industry. The final five were challenged to create an ad campaign for the new dryer. While they concentrated on how this would improve the hair styling experience of the average consumer, not much was made of what this safer, quieter, and more comfortable tool would do to improve a hairdresser's work day.  Shami is such a hairdresser's hairdresser, always innovating and advocating, it is surprising they, the contestants, didn't add an element of this to their pitch.

Shami showed his strong convictions when accepting the International Salon and Spa  (ISBN) Legend Award.  He spoke to Salon Today Editor-in-Chief Stacey Soble about his concern for the hairdresser's health, about manufacturer's responsibility to produce safe products and about his work with aid organizations.

"Giving is more fun and more rewarding than taking," said Shami.

I'm sure The Donald would agree.

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