OWNER: Lisa Martin

Operation Spa 2012


Operation Spa helps you master your day-to-day challenges with ease to ensure your clients are getting the service they deserve through undercover evaluations, employee incentive programs, team business building and beauty industry event planning.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Our passion and expertise is exclusive to the salon and spa industry. We are licensed salon professionals who understand the industry inside and out.

HOW WE WORK: One on one with salon and spa owners, as well as team coaching for the entire staff. We provide the most cost-effective solutions and customize our services to fit your vision, goals and needs.

CATCH US AT: A variety of industry events. Check www.spatlight.operationspa.com for a current list of dates and locations.

MY ADVICE: It is really important to have a consistent objective in your business. You wouldn’t go to a sporting event and not know the score until the end of the game. You want to be able to see every play. With that in mind, Operation Spa provides an ongoing system to inspect and measure your service, sales efforts and employees on a regular basis. This way you can catch problems early, make appropriate changes and know where to focus your training efforts.

PROFIT TIP: It costs anywhere from 5-8 times more to gain a new client as opposed to retaining your existing client. You need to place a strong emphasis on keeping clients as you do on gaining new ones. Contact Operation Spa for a FREE guide with easy tips you can put into action today!

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