OWNER: Geno Stampora


Stampora Consulting provides quality salon education and inspiration, helping beauty professionals conquer day-to-day challenges with great, creative solutions.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Geno shares material that is tried and tested in the best salons and spas in the world with outstanding results, leading to a stronger, more profitable, better attitude salon with the edge of passion on their side.

HOW WE WORK: Based on the salon, a leadership seminar is created to address all of the needs and challenges of that company. The in-house seminar covers all aspects of salon life from attitude to dialogue and how to market on a personal basis. The seminar is for the entire company and all benefit from the wisdom, fundamentals and information.

CATCH US AT: Salon Supernatural Cruise with John Amico on Jan. 7-14; at Serious Business in New Orleans, Jan. 21-23; at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, March 3-5; at BSG’s Galveston Show on March 17-19; BSG’s Nashville Show on March 24-26; and in the best salons in America.

MY ADVICE: We are in crazy times for the next few years, and it is important have a staff that is finetuned and focused on profitability and keeping every guest. There has never been a better time to put me in front of them to share the skills and wisdom of success in beauty. Today, we have to own the client, and have a strong personal marketing campaign, and that is what I do best for your team.

PROFIT BUILDER: All of my salon seminars result in higher ticket prices, better retention, and more products sold due to correct dialogue and scripting. I strengthen every salon by making a contribution that results in more profitability.

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