Schedulicity, a company who handles online appointment scheduling for small businesses, accepted the prestigious DEMOgod Award at DEMO Fall 2011 for its presentation launching Pop-Up Offers. The DEMOgod Award recognizes companies that exhibit exceptional potential to thrive in the market while inspiring and stimulating the DEMO audience. DEMOgod Award recipients are selected by a panel of judges and bestowed upon six outstanding DEMO presentations out of 80 companies.

“Schedulicity’s presentation on Pop-Up Offers generated a lot of positive buzz at DEMO this year. Schedulicity is a forward-thinking company that has the ability to energize and inspire,” says Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO. “It clearly embodies that creative spark, making it a natural choice for this award.”

“We are deeply honored to take home the DEMOgod Award,” says Jerry Nettuno, CEO of Schedulicity. “Schedulicity is constantly looking for innovative solutions to help small businesses, and Pop-Up Offers is one of the ways we’re continuing to both build our brand and evolve to best meet the needs of today’s service professionals. We’re very proud to be named among technology’s future market leaders.”

Pop-Up Offers is a new scheduling feature within Schedulicity that allows service professionals to assign a discount to a recently cancelled or newly open time slot and within minutes, make this new appointment available to their customer base. Pop-Up Offers provides a fast and efficient way to fill last minute cancellations or other open appointment times falling within a 48-hour period, so service professionals can avoid the cost of losing the timeslot completely.

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