A visually pleasing salon will always be more successful than one that is not. You take extra care in ensuring that the lighting is pleasant, the chairs are not only comfortable to sit in, but nice to look at, and that the paint colors on the walls are trendy and hip. Shouldn’t you take just as much time and care in making sure that your retail section represents the same attitude that your salon area does?

Set Your Visuals: No matter what product line your salon may carry, there needs to be a flow as to how your retail section is set up. One way to start this is by categorizing all products. Having a different subsection on each shelf is an easy way to ensure that your clients will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting confused. For example: Place all curly hair items in one section, while all volumizing items are shelved in a different area. Signage is key when placing products on shelves. Signage in a salon is like a roadmap. You can’t expect your client to find something if they don’t know where to look!

Make a Focus Table: In the front of your salon, be sure to advertise your newest and best products on a featured retail table. You may be carrying a new line of shampoo, or a great new gift set for one of the many holidays. This is the place to showcase what it is you want your clients to see first! Another way to make this table “pop” is to have a beautiful vase or floral arrangement to match the season. For example: During Christmastime, really make the table festive by adding beautiful glass ornaments and lights, while in the fall, you can use red, orange, and yellow leaves to give your table some flare.

Change It Up: Every quarter, change up the arrangement and order of your products. This is not only a great way to thoroughly deep clean your shelving, but it also makes it impossible for your guests to get used to the same old array of products. When a client walks through your salon door and goes to the same place their conditioner has always been, but finds a shelf of hairspray, you’re forcing them to browse the other products you carry that they might not have noticed. They’re exposed to more retail choices, and may walk out with two or three products instead of just one.

What merchandising tips would you include on this list?

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Remember, even with a stellar retail area and eye-popping merchandising, it’s still important to use your voice and act as your client’s personal shopper. You can find out more about why this is important and many more tactics for retail success at the front desk in The Anatomy of a Great Front Desk.

How to Merchandise for Retail Success

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