Outloud: Your Salon's Biggest Challenge?When you’re the owner of your own business, there’s a challenge around every corner and it’s your responsibility to search for the solution. SALON TODAY wondered what’s top-of-mind for today’s salon and spa owners, so we asked:

What’s the biggest challenge your salon currently faces?

“Staffing. We have slipped a bit on our school presentations and it shows right now. We are getting back in the swing with more schools to keep our chairs full!”
—Sam Johnston
ABQ Hair Studio Albuquerque, NM

“Business has been slower and clients want fewer services or are spacing them further apart. Clients are apologetic about this and want to see us ‘when times are better.’ We have lost some clients to cut-rate salons, but they often come back dissatisfied with the lack of pampered quality that we offer. When they come back they are especially appreciative.”
—Mary Park-Smith
Scissors, Gainesville, FL

“We are a high-end, boutique salon in the suburbs of Dallas. The challenge we face is the large number of businesses that discount their services. It has created a demographic of clients who look for places that offer the deepest discount, regardless of quality. We are standing strong with our ‘no discount’ policy and continue to provide outstanding service and education to our clientele.”
—Lori Bhargava
209 Downtown Salon and Spa, McKinney, TX

“I am going to be out on maternity leave and my lead stylist is moving out-of-state at the same time—Scary! I’m not sure how I’ll overcome it, I’m having a hard time finding a stylist to help hold it down while I’m on leave!”
—Karen Kufahl
Vivid, Milwaukee, WI

“As the economy recovers and our staff becomes more senior, we see an increase in our payroll costs. Our biggest concern is keeping payroll costs in check. Cost versus worth is always a challenge! Obviously, as an owner, I ‘d like to see an increase in my salary for the amount of work that is expected from me as an owner and a working stylist, but the health of the company comes first.”
—Ian Marc
Imagine Salon and Spa
Bedford, Nova Scotia

“Facebook and social media has been the best marketing for us, however we must stay ahead of the tend and find out what’s next. Our challenge is to recognize and decipher early what the next trend will be.”
—April Lyn Graffeo
Indra Salon and City Spa, Andover, MA

“I think consumers are making more educated choices about where to have their salon services performed. They have less money to spend, so they want to make sure their dollars are spent in the best way possible. They are utilizing online resources, as well as print media, to help them make decisions,. I am adding more behind-the-scenes employees (in-house marketing and pr, as well as a graphic and web department) to keep my salon in front of the consumer.”
—Jenna Rabideau
Halo Salon and Color Lab, Fort Worth, TX

“Consistency, having every department follow five-star quality with every client, every day!”
—Angela Guido
Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Spa Waltham, MA

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