Two habitually late stylists slink into the monthly staff meeting halfway through the agenda. As the meeting concludes, the owner asks the stylists to stay after a moment. "It's a beautiful day she announces, go out and enjoy the day." she tells them.

"But we're fully booked today!" they reply, in a bit of shock.

"We'll cover your clients today, go enjoy your day off," says the owner.

"That's no-compromise leadership in action," says Neil Ducoff, who will lead the afternoon session of "Smart Thinking, Straight Talk: A Salon and Spa Owner Dialog," the business owner forum sponsored by America's Beauty Show and P&G Salon Professional and powered by SALON TODAY. Ducoff, the founder and CEO of Strategies and the author of No-Compromise Leadership, has been teaching salon owners best business practices for more than 40 years.

Ducoff's presentation at ABS follows a morning that's packed with great information on different client segmentation and shopper-based design. "When you go to these inspiring ideas, you leave full of ideas to implement in the salon, but then the washer breaks down, the shampoo person calls in sick, and you're running around putting out fires," says John Moroney, vice president of salon development for P&G Salon Professional. "Before and we run and implement new ideas, let's look at what it takes. What is our commitment from a leadership standpoint? What is the role of a leader? What does it take to be a leader every day and minute-by-minute in the salon?  To do that, we're bringing in Ducoff, the undisputed expert of No-Compromise Leadership to take the group through some great exercises."

Listen to my podcast with Neil for a precursor to his "No-Compromise" presentation. For a broader understanding of No-Compromise Leadership, follow Neil's blogs on

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Lead with No Compromise
At America's Beauty Show, Strategies' Neil Ducoff will help attendees to the "Smart Thinking, Straight Talk" salon owner forum go home with no compromises. Click here to listen to my interview with Neil.

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