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 A new website offers salon owners a variety of options for offering health insurance to their employees.

Daniel Lewis, owner of Green Peridot salon, started offering health insurance through shortly after opening his doors in Frisco, Texas. According to Lewis, this insurance option for his employees has been a huge asset to those who have chosen to sign up. "We have found that even the younger, healthier employees have benefited greatly and have been pleased with their coverage," says Lewis. "With insurance costs today, we are thankful for the opportunity to carry this option for our employees."

To find out more about, SALON TODAY's Lauren Salapatek asked CEO
Norman LeClair to give us some insight into the insurance options the website offers. Here’s what he said:

What kinds of plans does offer? What do they include?
There are three different plans. Within each of the plans there is coverage for the individual, their spouse and/or their families. can cover one person or the entire family. These plans are specifically designed for people that want to cover 90 percent of their core healthcare needs but do not want to cover catastrophic areas.

There are five areas of coverage focuses on:

  • Doctor, hospital and emergency needs. (This covers doctor’s visits, x-rays and diagnostics, annual checkups, hospitalization, surgery, anesthesia and much more.)
  • Discounted rates through one of the nations largest PPO networks (over 500,000 practitioners and 500 hospitals nationwide).
  • Health savings that provide additional discounts on dental, chiropractors, vision, vitamins, diabetic supplies and more.
  • Accident and injury coverage.
  • Pharmacy coverage that provides discounts on prescription drugs. 

Why should salon owners choose to offer to their employees? surveyed over 500 salon owners and staff members before creating the program. We listened to their needs and here is what they told us:

  • Salon owners want to be able to offer affordable insurance to their staff so they can “attract and keep great people.”
  • Salon owners don’t want to be forced to pay for 50 percent of the premium. Our plan allows them to contribute 0 to 100 percent; they control how much they contribute.
  • Both owners and staff wanted a “simple and easy process” to be able to buy it. (You can enroll in the program online 24/7, not just to find out information, but to buy the insurance and start your coverage.)

What are some of the highlights of this insurance option?
We use some of the largest insurance carriers in the industry. You can buy it online 24/7. You can get a quote in 30 seconds and actually buy the coverage, not just see quotes. It is available in 45 states and is part of one of the largest PPO networks in the nation. It is simple and easy to use for both the salon owner and their staff. 

What is the process an employee needs to go through in order to get insurance from
Go to the website and fill out some basic information. Then you will see the plans available and you can choose which one is best for you and then you can buy it right then and there. The enrollment packet and cards will come in the mail usually within two weeks. It’s really just that simple.


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