Building Buzz for Your Biz
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After the North American Hairstyling Award winners excitedly claimed their trophies Sunday evening at Cosmoprof/PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas, MODERN SALON's Maggie Mulhern and SALON TODAY's Stacey Soble showed them how to leverage the their NAHA nod during a class held Monday morning.

The class, which was open to any interested NAHA attendees, brushed up on the basics of preparing for a professional photo shoot and offered PR ideas for using the news of any salon recognition to build additional community buzz. In case you missed the class, here are some of the tips shared with attendees.

8 Tips for Preparing for a Photoshoot

So you've got a great concept for a photoshoot, but don't know where to start. Follow these eight tips, and you'll be there in no time.

Assemble a team. The main people you will need are a photographer, a make-up artist, a fashion stylist, hair assistants and models. Trying to find a good photographer? Chat up your local model agency when selecting a model. They will point you in the right direction.

Location, location, location. Is this a shoot to market your salon? Shoot there! Or, is your objective to get published or enter a competition? Try a studio or cool outdoor location (be prepared for weather though). Talk to your photographer about location-he or she will probably have some tried and true spots.

Create a theme. Is your photoshoot seasonal? Targeted at a specific age group? All about color? Choose a theme to help your team stay on track and achieve your vision.

Build a budget. There are big costs, like paying your team and location fees, but there are also smaller, hidden costs. Make sure you budget every item-from lunch to model fees-in order to stay within your limits.

Know your recipient. Are you creating a collection to display in your salon, which caters to women in the 40-50 age bracket? Perhaps avant garde isn't the way to go. But if you're planning on sending it to a high-fashion magazine for consideration in their next issue, major style and great clothes are in order. Know your purpose first and you'll b more likely to meet your goal.

Who's the boss? Although having a great team is a must, someone has to be in charge. Be careful when you are hiring your photographer, make-up artist and other team members. They should respect your vision and your right to change and tweak as your go along.

Time it! Photoshoot are expensive endeavors. Having even one team member show up late extra expenses in studio rental. Make sure everyone has a call sheet ahead of time so they know where to be and when to be there . Also keep in mind the timing of publications you are targeting. Want to be in the fall issue your local fashion magazine? Don't send your images in October-they'll be busy working on their January and February issues. Call ahead of time to find out their schedule.

Have a backup plan. So your model doesn't show. Or, she shows up, but doesn't want her hair colored any more. Or maybe the clothes don't fit or your make-up artist flakes out. Make sure you have a contingency plan for emergencies!

Think head to toe. Sure the hair is important, but remember that every aspect of the shoot is important. Make-up, nails, and fashion are truly key elements. A bad make-up design on a model with flawless hair means it's a bad shot. Make sure the nails are perfect too!

Bring more than you need. Some of the top hairdressers arrive with trunk loads of products, tools, extra hair and accessories for a one-day shoot with just one model. Always bring powder and "powder hair" for any surprise hair problems. The real pros are always super prepared.

Building Buzz for Your Biz
Leverage these PR tips and make a bigger splash out of your salon honor.

12 PR Tips for Making a Big Splash

Whether you captured a NAHA win or recognition from your local town for the best place for a particular service, use that honor to create a bigger media splash. As we've helped salons as they publicize their SALON TODAY 200 honor, we've gathered these simple, yet effective PR tips.

Display it. Create a public wall of honor in the salon and quietly display your accomplishments. Clients are sure to notice.

Blow it up. What to shout a little louder? Past winners of our SALON TODAY 200 or SALONS OF THE YEAR have taken our cover images and blown them up into oversized images to display in the salon.

Publicize it. Identify a staff member or even a client who has some publicity skills and create your own press release. Add color with quotes and images. Send it to all local newspaper, radio, television and magazine reporters in the area, matching your topic to the professional's specialty. Then, think national exposure. Make yourself available for interviews. Remember, publicity snowballs. Even the smallest mention can lead to bigger and better stories.

Celebrate it. Who doesn't love a good party? Use your honor to create a celebratory event. Host a simple gathering or simply hand out thank you notes to your clients.

Wear it. If your honor inspires pride, consider wearing it on your sleeve. Make up a T-shirt to gift to those who share in the honor.

Blast it. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter -- the new world of social media has opened up multiple opportunities to share the news with friends, colleagues, clients and the community. Don't forget to share the images as well as the words.

Record it. Use the honor as your new motto and record it on your on-hold messages, confirmation recordings or your standard voice mailbox recordings.

Post it. Don't forget to post a mention and share your images on your website.

Advertise it. The next time you work on an advertising campaign for your salon, use the images, but also create a title with the honor and use in the advertisement.

Promote it. use your honor as a hook for your next marketing campaign.

Pass it out. Include a mention on your business card.

Recruit with it. Include the honor on any information that is shared with your salon's recruitment strategies.

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