Listen to my audio interview with Robert, and you'll see why:

A Passion for BusinessRobert Cromeans with Stacey Soble*
As the global artistic director for JPMS, Robert Cromean's on-stage artistry is legendary. But as Stacey Soble talks to him about business at his five salons and two schools and his engagement with the 2010 Millennium User Group Conference, it's quickly apparent that he has just as much passion for his business.

He's always on top of industry statistics and knows how they impact his own business.

 "Our industry for the last 15 years was experiencing six visits a year per client and this has now dropped to a national average of about 4.1 The real hurt on the business-on those two client visits per year is about a 40 percent decline on your business," he says. "And that's when celebrating each and every client comes into play."

He always encourages his staff to do more. "We came up with a strategy to put more bums in seats, called BOB-Beauty on a Budget. We were able to get 30-40 new guests into a salons each day just by changing the pricepoint on these multiple experiences, kind of like you see phone companies bundling," Cromeans explains. "We're playing with price breaks, which we never did in the past, really giving the customer the ultimate value but never discounting the service. We got returns, we got referrals, and when that promotion ran out, people were still loyal to our business."

He always has a fresh business approach. "We also reward clients with good behavior by giving them incentives--we call them automatic upgrades. Maybe a haircut client never experienced a treatment in the sink and we're doing this to such a high level. We call it "Sex in the Sinkie"-we're rinsing hair with Perrier water, we're using sugar, we've got no lights on in the washhouse, we're doing a separate music system. We're really creating the ultimate relaxation experience compounded with better looking hair as an end result. Once the clients experience this treatment, they're very excited to make this their normal behavior."A Passion for Business

And, he's always willing to share his great ideas with other owners. Cromeans will take the stage to talk about business at the 2010 Millennium User Group Conference, which will be held June 27-29 in Miami, Florida. Click here for more information.

*CAUTION: Typically, I try to limit my audio interviews to 10 minutes, but I admit I just let Robert talk. Listen to all 18 minutes, and you'll understand. Each and every one of those minutes is packed with great ideas and inspiration. In fact, it's a great primer for salon business in our current economic situation, but in a positive, uplifting way. In fact, you should consider making it required listening for your entire staff. (I know I am.) As a bonus, if you make it all the way to the end, Robert reveals a little insight into why he dresses like he does!

A Passion for BusinessStacey Soble has been involved in the conversation of salon business for 14 years-as a reporter, a consultant and as the editor in chief of SALON TODAY.

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