50 Life Lessons through Noëlle
Peter DiCaprio

ONE ON ONE with Peter DiCaprio

The great Noel DiCaprio is often credited as the mother of the day spa movement. As the business she founded-The Noëlle Spa for Beauty and Wellness in Stamford, Connecticut-celebrates 50 years, her husband Peter remembers 50 valuable lessons he learned in life and in business with Noel.

1. Always assume … positively.
2. Always eat breakfast.
3. Always sing in your own voice.
4. Be a gentle person.
5. Be quiet-listen 10 times more than you talk.
6. Be scrutable.
7. Be thankful.
8. Consult with people outside your industry.
9. Cook.
10. Cell phones are mostly unimportant.
11. Creativity comes in many guises.
12. Dance by yourself.
13. Dance with others.
14. Details are where you win.
15. Details are where you lose.
16. Discover the truth.
17. Do it yourself.
18. Don't do it for money-the payoff is never enough.
19. Dress codes are flexible.
20. Each day is new-treat it that way.
21. Eleven times, and then you've got it.
22. Fake it 'til you make it- Noel's favorite line.
23. First, be honest.
24. Heart is the bonus, use it wisely.
25. Know your language.
26. Know your numbers.
27. Know your weaknesses, and use that knowledge to your advantage.
28. Laugh if you are given the chance to.
29. Learn to write.
30. Make business decisions with your head.
31. Move things around-it will look like a new place.
32. Never take anything for granted.
33. Never look like you are in a hurry.
34. Never deny your passions.
35. Never lose an opportunity to talk about your business.
36. Overheard is never trustworthy.
37. Play an instrument.
38. Read.
39. Take great notes on everything.
40. To be in the game, you need to love it.
41. To stay in the game, you need to make a profit.
42. To succeed in the game, you need goals.
43. Technology is imperative for moving forward.
44. There is wisdom to be gained through age.
45. Training never ends.
46. Value education.
47. Value your supporters.
48. Value your detractors.
49. You can't know UP if you've never seen DOWN.
50. Your business is your home.

Listen In! Editor in Chief Stacey Soble recently spoke with Peter about Noëlle's ups and downs through its 50-year history, from a devastating walkout and fi re to pioneering some of the concepts that are the foundation of our industry today. Catch a podcast of the interview at salontoday.com/podcast.

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