Let’s Get Together

As salons become more focused on business, staff meetings have become standard operating procedure. SALON TODAY recently conducted a brief online survey of a sample of owners from our ProView Panel to learn more about your gathering preferences. Seventy-four owners participated. Here are the results:

Aside from daily huddles, how often do you conduct regular formal staff meetings?

  • Multiple times per week: 1%
  • Once a week: 7%
  • Once every other week: 4%
  • Once a month: 45%
  • Once a quarter: 15%
  • As necessary: 26%
  • Never: 2 %
How long do your staff meetings last?
  • Less than one hour: 12%
  • One hour: 42%
  • A few hours: 27%
  • Full day: 0%
  • As necessary: 19%
Do you work up a full agenda beforehand and follow it during the meeting?
  • Yes: 91%
  • No: 9%
Is attending the formal staff meeting required for all staff members?
  • Yes: 92%
  • No: 8%
Is there an educational component to your formal staff meetings?
  • Yes: 77%
  • No: 23%
Who runs the formal staff meeting?
  • Salon owner: 85%
  • Salon manager: 8%
  • Salon coach: 1%
  • Department heads: 6%
Is there some kind of employee recognition/reward component to the meeting?
  • Yes: 70%
  • No: 30%
What time of day do you conduct your meetings?
  • Before opening hours: 58%
  • After hours: 28%
  • On a day when the salon is closed: 14%

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