Now under the guidance of Noel's husband Peter, The Noëlle Spa for Beauty and Wellness remains a leader in the spa movement and a treasured destination for clients seeking the spa experience on their own terms. Throughout her life, Noel faced both spectacular success and frightening challenges with the same creative, courageous approach to life. Regardless of the situation, she had the uncanny ability to turn disaster into opportunity.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Peter about the ups and downs throughout Noëlle's 50-year history. He not only explained why Noel originally came up with the concept of incorporating spa services into her salon, he shared how a crippling walkout and devastating fire set new destinies for the company. And, having guided a salon and spa business through other tough economic times, he offers advice for getting through to today's owners.

For our April 2010 issue of SALON TODAY, Peter penned "50 Life Lessons Through Noëlle," a list of wisdoms he earned while guiding the company through the past 50 years. While I'm going to make you wait until April for the full list of Peterisms, I'll give you a preview by sharing my top 10 here: 

  1. Always assume...positively.
  2. Be quiet-listen 10 times more than you talk.
  3. Creativity comes in many guises.
  4. Don't do it for money-the payoff is never enough.
  5. Fake it 'til you make it-Noel's favorite line.
  6. Heart is the bonus, use it wisely.
  7. Make business decisions with your heart.
  8. Never lose an opportunity to talk about your business.
  9. You can't know up, if you've never seen down.
  10. Eleven times, and then you've got it.

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50 Life Lessons Through Noëlle
Often known as the Mother of the day spa movement, the late Noel DiCaprio has the magical ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity.
50 Life Lessons Through NoëllePeter DiCaprio with Stacey Soble
As the history-making Noëlle Spa for Beauty and Wellness celebrates 50 years, owner Peter DiCaprio shares its ups and downs, from launching the day spa movement to the walkout and fire that shaped the company's course.

 50 Life Lessons Through Noëlle
An inside look at Noëlle Spa for Beauty and Wellness in Stamford, Connecticut.

50 Life Lessons Through NoëlleStacey Soble has been involved in the conversation of salon business for 14 years-as a reporter, a consultant and as the editor in chief of SALON TODAY.

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