Susanne was happy to enlighten me and not only spent a good amount of time on the phone walking me through NCEA's history, she signed me up for the coalition's informative e-mail newsletters. I wanted to share the NCEA's story, especially since many of our readers incorporate esthetics services into their operation, even though many salon/spa owners have their roots on the hair side. And, while state boards, accreditation, and regulations in can be confusing in any area of cosmetology, when it comes to esthetics, it really becomes complicated.

Raising Skincare StandardsSusanne Warfield with Stacey Soble
Susanne Warfield, the executive director of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations, encourages anyone with an interest in skincare to help elevate the industry by getting involved with NCEA. Find out about the coalition's key initiatives.

Susanne explained that  was exactly one of the reasons she founded the coalition in 2000--to raise professional standards and provide a united voice for the esthetics industry. Basically, the NCEA is a group of active skincare associations, companies and individuals, who have united to establish standards and best practices and provide political representations for the esthetics profession to state legislators and licensing boards. 

I quickly determined the best way to share the important work the NCEA is doing, as well as Susanne's passion about the industry, was to invite her to do a podcast with me. If you are an esthetician or employ one, I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen. I believe NCEA will play a critical role in elevating standards for this profession and communicating the skincare industry's interests to legislators. Click here to find out how you can become more involved.

Stacey Soble has been involved in the conversation of salon business for 14 years-as a reporter, a consultant and as the editor in chief of SALON TODAY.

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