How many of them do you possess already? Which ones do you need to work on?

  • Vision: These owners have a well-crafted vision for their businesses three to five years out, and they are able to get their employees to buy into the vision.

  • Empowered Employees: These owners have learned to support and grow their staff members to greatness. They've created a culture where the employees are thinking and acting like an owner and not like a brainless slave that just does what he or she is told to do.

  • Confidence: Top salon owners have confidence in themselves. They believe that they can achieve their goals, and are not easily intimidated by setbacks. They do not see mistakes as failures, but rather as opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Determination: These owners know that a successful business doesn't happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, planning and sacrifice, especially in the start-up phase. They are determined to make their ideas work. They set realistic goals for themselves, and put in the time and effort that is required to achieve those goals.

  • Willing to Learn: They continue to learn. They research every aspect of running a salon. They read books and articles on business strategies, attend workshops and trainings, and keep up with new trends. They network with other business owners, and are not afraid to ask for advice or hire coaches and consultants.

  • Flexibility: A top salon owner is able to adapt to changing circumstances, and be willing to make changes when needed. If a product is not selling, or a marketing strategy is not working, they try something different.

  • Promotion: These owners have learned how to market their businesses. They may not have a degree in marketing, but they have taken the time to figure out who is most likely to buy their products and services. While they may not have large advertising budgets, they conduct research to determine how to get the most for every advertising dollar.

  • Know What is Important: These owners focus on their customers or clients. They make every effort to provide quality products and services, and understand that there wouldn't be a business without these customers.

Do You Have What It Takes to be an ST200 Salon?Ana Loiselle is a specialist in finding new sources of revenue and growth for salons and spas of all sizes. With more than 10 years of experience in new business start-ups and transformations, she has helped numerous businesses flourish through brand development, strategic financial planning and employee training. She's had many roles throughout her career, including product sales representative, educator, management consultant and spa owner. Loiselle's salon was a two-time SALON TODAY 200 honoree.

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