Wouldn't it be great to have an army of fabulously styled women wearing your salon's brand all over town? That's exactly what's happening in Raleigh, North Carolina, as Jessica Williams unveils the second season of ‘Latherwear.'

Borrowing an idea from an article she read in SALON TODAY, Williams, who owns Lather Hair Salon, introduced white Latherwear T-shirts this summer that displayed the salon's logo and the slogan, "Wouldn't you rather Lather? A salon for your hair."  The salon's website was printed on the bottom. Throughout the summer until Labor Day, Williams gave clients a 10-percent discount when they wore their Ts into the salon.          

The shirts were so popular, they quickly sold out. So, Lather responded for the fall/winter season with a soft brown hoodie emblazoned with a light blue logo.  The colors complement the salon's chocolate brown and turquoise décor.

Priced at $39.95, the hoodies do bring a bit of profit, but their real motivation is to build community awareness for the year-old salon and build a sense of community among the clients.  "We love the idea of folk wearing our Latherwear out there, and we know they appreciate a discount in this difficult economy," says Williams.

But to keep things interesting, Williams switched up the promotion for the fall season. With each hoodie purchase, clients receive 20-percent off all the services they receive that day. And if a service total is $200 or more, the hoodie is free. "We're still new, so we like to change things up and test to see which works best," she says. So far, Williams reports, the hoodies are proving just as popular.

Wash-and-Wear Branding
Jessica Williams, owner of Lather Hair Salon
Wash-and-Wear Branding
Lather stylists and hoodie models Rebecca Bartlett, Whitney Page and Lauren Lawson.

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