Reviewed by Mary Swank, co-owner of Simply Swank in Hudson, Ohio

What is the book about?
“It’s a little story about a powerful business idea. In the book, an ambitious young man named Joe seeks advice from Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to as the Chairman. Pindar introduces Joe to a series of successful ‘go-givers,’ including a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial advisor, a real estate broker and ‘The Connector’ who brought them all together. Joe learns the five laws of stratospheric success and how to open up himself to giving. Changing his focus from getting to giving ultimately leads to unexpected returns.”

Why did you like this book?
“I enjoyed the parable and simplistic approach to the five laws. It’s a quick read—one that you can finish in a long soak in the tub, although you may get pruned! There were so many insightful quotes that make you smile, like ‘It never hurts to be kind to people,’ or ‘Appearances may be deceiving, in fact they nearly always are.’”

What was the biggest takeaway message for you?
“That, as a business owner, you always need to be giving in every aspect of life—personally, in business, even spiritually.”

What idea did you implement in your business or personal life?
“The idea I implemented immediately was to give before I was asked. The week I finished reading the book, a former employee called to ask for some business advice. This employee had left on bad terms, and opened a competing business in the next town. She was inquiring on how to handle a situation similar to what had happened when she left. Instead of saying ‘What goes around, comes around!’ I reached out and told her who could professionally handle the situation. She thanked me. Later that week, a business sales rep commented that she had heard I had been giving advice to help another owner, and she also thanked me. This was the book in action!”

Why would you recommend this book to staff or clients?
“This book will help you create a harmonious balance in your life if you follow the simple laws, especially ‘give and you shall receive.’”

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