It’s here! The application for the all new 2010 SALON TODAY 200 can now be downloaded here.  

The competition, which for 12 years recognized the fastest-growing salons in North America, now goes beyond growth to honor all the best business practices that contribute to success. As a result, the application is dramatically different.While this year’s 8-page form may cause some a moment’s hesitation, it’s actually easier than ever to compete.That’s because owners can pick and choose the best practice sections they want to compete within, literally designing their own SALON TODAY 200 experience.

“While growth is still a good barometer for a healthy business, we recognize it’s not the only measurement of success,” says Stacey Soble, Editor in Chief of SALON TODAY. “We also acknowledge that the current economic climate may make growth difficult even for the best businesses—while growth still is a competition category, it’s now one of eleven options that applicants can choose.”         

In addition to submitting their information about their business overall, 2010applicants will be invited to answer brief questions and submit essays in one or more of the following categories: growth, salary and benefits,retention, customer service, recruitment and training, advanced education,marketing, environmental sustainability, inventory, retail, and technology.

Share what you do best, and we’ll share it with the salon world. Applications are due September 1. Download yours today by clicking here or contact Joyce Alverio at 847-415-8037.

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