When your salon’s clients go through their lives looking fabulous, they serve as very successful walking billboards. But when a woman struggles to style the cut your salon created, then you’re not doing her or your business any favors.

Determined to help their clients always look their best, Chicago’s salonblonde (salonblonde.com) launched the monthly class “A Blonde’s Guide to Styling,” a how-to lesson on achieving a salon-quality blowout at home. Several salonblonde stylists collectively came up with the idea when they realized that nearly every day, clients tell them that they never are able to get their hair to look as good as it does when they leave the salon.

The salon charges $85 for each class, which starts with a stylist demonstrating how she blows out her own hair, while clients sip champagne and enjoy light refreshments. Next, each participant is presented with an arsenal of tools, including styling products, brushes, clips, and, of course, the blow dryer. The client then begins her one-on-one lesson, with her own hands on the brush and dryer the entire time. By the end of the night, each client will have achieved the perfect blowout that she can replicate at home each morning. And, the salon offers the “arsenal of tools” at a discounted price.

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