As women around the country seek ways to trim their budgets, a new study, Mane Attraction: Salon Experience Survey by Design Essentials finds that many women aren’t willing to forgo their good looks for greener wallets.

Willingness to Spend Women who go to hair salons spend an average of $40 per visit and are willing to spend $19 more for a cut, color or other service.

Frequency Women visit a salon nearly every two months (an average of 7 times a year), which could add up to more than $400 on visits over the course of a single year. Women who say they have difficulty managing their hair typically pay $45 per visit, but they’ll nearly double what they pay and spend up to $84, compared to the $51 those who report their hair is easy to manage would be willing to fork over for a visit.

Voting for Change Nearly six in ten (59%) salon visitors would like to see some changes made at the salon they frequent most often. The price of the services is at the top of the list of things to change for nearly half (48%) of these women.

Shear Cheater Four in five (80%) salon-goers who visit the same stylist regularly admit they’d have no problem being caught in the chair of another.

In Need Of Some Salon Time Women typically go to the salon when they need a trim or treatment (32%), or just need a change (24%). Only 17 percent of ladies would be willing to forgo a visit for budgetary reasons and admit they make their appointments based on when they can afford to pay for it.

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