Holly Wayman Grist, Salon 828BEFORE I OPENED MY OWN SALON:

I had free time! Even when I'm not at the salon, I am constantly thinking of ways to improve my business.

I OPENED MY OWN SALON BECAUSE: A longtime client of mine, who is a great mentor and businessman, kept suggesting I make the leap. I always knew that I wanted to, so with his vote of confidence I started looking for the perfect location. When I finally found it, I bought it and never looked back.

WHEN I AM STRESSED OUT: I look back at a collection of cards that my staff, clients, friends and family have given me. It reminds me that the hard work is appreciated and that I am loved.

MY CLIENTS LOVE MY SALON BECAUSE: My staff is very professional and friendly. We really try to exceed every expectation from start to finish. I'm also told that the decor is soothing and the music is great.

I GET MY INSPIRATION FROM: My rescued blind dog, Buddy. He is always happy, courageous and doesn't let his disability limit his love for life.

THE BEST HIRE I EVER MADE WAS: The first hair stylist I hired. She ended up encouraging some of her previous co-workers to come and work for me. Three years later, they're all still here and continuing to recruit more.

THE BEST JOB PERK I OFFER MY STAFF IS: A flexible schedule, time off around the holidays and lots of appreciation.

I AM MOST PRODUCTIVE WHEN: I've had my coffee!

MY INDUSTRY HERO IS: Beth Minardi. She has elevated the level of professionalism in this business. Her techniques are innovative yet classic at the same time. She is the perfect blend of businesswoman and artist.

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