How Can I Start My Own Make-Up Line?Q. We asked Maisie Dunbar, president of Bluffa Jo Cosmetics, "How can I start my own make-up line?"


A. "The first step is to decide why you want to establish a make-up line. I've always loved the beauty and spa industries, but my aim had always been from a wellness approach. My love for color and realization that my clients want to look and feel good served as a brewing recipe to allow me to pursue my other passion of make-up artistry.

To remain aligned with the basis of my spa and clientele, I insisted that the cosmetics line be pretty, long lasting and not detrimental to the skin.

I then searched for companies to partner with me to establish a mineral-based line. I did my research, gave my input on formulations and teamed up with an excellent company that brought Bluffa Jo Cosmetics to fruition.

Then, decide what type of woman would you like your make-up to cater to (i.e. fashionista, classic, glamorous, combined, etc.). Finally, be ready to incur a lot of marketing expenses, setting up make-up parties and simply standing behind your product by wearing it and talking about it to absolutely everyone!"

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