Your Most Effective Selling Tool or Technique

"Selling starts at the beginning of the service and continues until the client is at the reception desk scheduling their next appointment. During the consultation we ask what they are currently using. At the shampoo bowl we tell them what we are using and why. During the service, we show them how to use the products. Finally, at the retail center we show them everything we used. Then we talk about what they are already using and what could be added or changed so they can recreate the same look we have given them in the salon. Our clients want to protect their investment-that is why we owe it to them to show them how."

-EJ Wilson

EJ-588 Hair Studio

Sonoma, California


"We group products together, wrap in cellophane, tie with a natural twine ribbon, and discount. They fly off the shelf."

-Angela Guido

Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Day Spa

Boston, Wayland and Waltham, Massachusetts


"Not selling, but recommending products. By telling clients what they need, why they need it and how to use it, we can recommend useful items to them. When people see a use for an item, they are more prone to purchasing it."

-Tamara Hendon

The Salon & Spa at Mystic Hair

Tampa, Florida


"Educating the client on care and finish as we work on their hair. We teach blow dry and iron techniques, and talk about the benefits of each particular product as it's applied."

-Suzie Bond


Mooresville, North Carolina


"We coach our staff members on recommending products to clients from the start of their service at the consultation. They talk about products before they apply anything and make their recommendations throughout the service.  At the end of the service, they walk clients through the retail area and show them the products they used. We also have prescription sheets that we use when the client doesn't purchase in case they come back later."

-Chris Yoshimura

Siren Salon

Chicago, Illinois

"It's an old school technique I have used for years and it works. I show clients the product I'm using and I have them smell it before I put it on their hair or skin. I show them how to use it properly, its value, what it does for the outcome of their desired results and say, ‘it's only ... x dollars.' I tell them how long it will last and the price per application. Then I escort them to the retail area and show them the products that go with the selected item. I find it easy to retail, especially when you use one line (two at the most) and know what it does."

-Cindy Zahn Pierpaoli

For Appearances Sake

River Forest, Illinois


"My most effective selling tool is listening to the client's needs. Ask the client what is her biggest concern. Most of the time you will hear her say the condition of her hair or that she wants her hair to stay in style all day. Wham, bam! Sell conditioner or a thermal spray."

-Mary Motz

Huron Area Technical Center

Bad Axe, Michigan


"Put it in their hands and stand behind what you sell. Never try to get a client to buy something you have never used or just to make extra money."

-Michelle Smith

Rejuve Salon Spa

Raleigh, North Carolina


"We give samples and have testers for all of our products. We are an Aveda Concept Salon and Retail Center, so we only have one line to learn, which is much easier on us-and we all love the products. Someone along the way told me ‘seeing is believing, but trying is buying.'  I believe it!  Retail is 25 to 30 percent of our sales every year. The front of our salon is a retail center, so everything is displayed right inside the door."

-Sam Johnston

ABQ Hair Studio

Albuquerque, New Mexico


"We role-play with new staff so the interaction becomes natural, and we pair new staff with experienced staff and rotate often so the new hires learn from many different people."

-Marco Carmona

Carmona's Salon & Day Spa

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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