Q. We asked Vonda Simon, President of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, "How can I start my own private-label brand?"

A. "The first step is finding a supplier, such as ourselves, who can help with the launch of your line from concept to market. First, we would meet with you in our packaging showroom to look at different products that we've launched, as well as available packaging options based on the quantity of your order. You would then meet with our graphic designer to help brainstorm a name for your brand. To facilitate this process, we would ask you: Who is your target audience? What products do you want to introduce in the line? At that point, you would sample some of our formulas within the product categories that you want to introduce. Next, you need to consider where you would want to market the products and whether you need help with branding, which we can provide. Once a name is chosen for the product line, graphics are presented for your review, and packaging and formulas are chosen. Finally, we fill the product order and get it ready to ship to market."

-Vonda Simon, president,
SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories


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