Sweet-Themed TreatmentsThe Malt Shop Chocolate Scrub and Wrap
Where it's at: Just Calm Down Spa, New York, New York
Description on menu: Mocha craze meets body wrap. An exhilarating body dessert that will perk you up. Caffeinated coffee and hot cocoa, infused with candied aromatherapy oils, will stimulate your skin's circulation and make you taste so sweet, you'll give all your sweethearts a toothache!
Who does it: massage therapist
What she needs: all-natural coffee, hot cocoa, aromatherapy oils
How much it costs: $130
How long it takes: 75 minutes


Wear Your Cake and Eat It Too
Where it's at: Spa Du Lac at L'Auberge du Lac Casino Resort, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Description on menu: A warm organic mixture of carrots, cinnamon and vanilla is massaged into the skin and then drizzled with warm honey for extra hydration. Exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, supple and radiant. This treatment is so tasty that you will ask for seconds.
Who does it: massage therapist
What she needs: products by products by Éminence Organics
How much it costs: $120
How long it takes: 80 minutes

"I think the popularity of the Wear Your Cake and Eat it Too service is due to the individuality, the uniqueness of the service," says Stacy Marcum, manager of Spa Du Lac in Lake Charles, Louisiana. "It's something out of the ordinary, and being at a casino resort, when people hit it big, they want that something extra special-it's definitely a very popular service."


Arancio e del Cannella Citrus, Mandarin & Cinnamon Body Wrap
Where it's at: Fiori Spa, Houston, Texas
Description on menu: Our Fiori signature body wrap, the ultimate in body rejuvenation designed to detoxify, increase circulation and restore moisture. A specially blended organic mixture of oats and sea salts with mandarin, orange and cinnamon essential oils are applied to exfoliate the body while feeding antioxidant rich vitamins to the skin. A warm hydrating wrap will re-mineralize and improve the texture of your skin. While relaxing in your cocoon-like wrap, enjoy a soothing facial massage for complete head-to-toe relaxation.
Who does it: massage therapist
What she needs: products by Jurlique
How much it costs: $165
How long it takes: 100 minutes

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