Employee turnover is not only disappointing and frustrating, but costly to your salon as well. Keeping your salon’s culture positive and healthy is key to retain your best staffers, and Strategies’ Keri Manuel, vice president of education, offers these tips to develop the growth potential in your staff:

• Pair a senior employee with a recent hire to get to know the new person’s interests. Try monthly lunches or breakfast meetings. Have the senior member learn the newer person’s goals, and have them work on short-term and long-term plans.

• Review and assess progress at quarterly or semiannual performance reviews.

• Offer or reimburse employees for continuing education.

• Get staff opinions on challenging situations. Team leaders should encourage staff to suggest improvements. Staff should feel a sense of ownership in their work and client relationships.

• Communicate with staff about the salon’s goals and plans. Hold annual or semiannual “state of the salon” meetings.

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