Take the fear out of retailing for your stylists with these tips of the trade!

  1. Educate, don’t sell. Coach your stylists on the art of education. Have them explain to clients what they are doing with each product as they work. Clients will naturally ask questions and show interest, creating an easy sell for your stylists.
  2. It’s ok to just sell one product. Stylists often feel pressure to sell multiple products to each client, which results in a feeling of being overwhelmed. Make it your stylists’ goal to just sell one product per client. If your products perform, clients will eventually begin asking for more on their own.
  3. Use your software to track. Ever have a stylist who thinks she’s bad at retailing? Use your software to get her story straight. Maybe she’s your second-highest performer, but doesn’t realize it. Or maybe you have an employee who thinks she’s a retail superstar, but in fact, is falling short of goals. Hard numbers don’t like. Rely on your software to do the work.
  4. Set goals. Nothing motivates like a clear-cut goal—especially if there’s a prize at the end of the goal. Create contests and individual goals for your staff. Reward them appropriately and see your retail numbers go up.
  5. Motivate. Sometimes, your staff just needs a little pep talk from their leader. It’s up to you to find ways to motivate your staff to sell, especially during slow seasons. Get creative and remember, it’s your attitude that sets the tone for the entire salon.

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