As an owner, you must make sure that you’re communicating effectively with your employees—when you don’t, the results can be devastating and include lower productivity, undercurrents of tension, gossip, increased absenteeism and turnover. Keri Manuel, vice president of education at Strategies, shares these tips to improving communication within your salon:

• Understand that communication is a two-way street. It involves giving information to and getting feedback from employees.

• Put more emphasis on face-to-face communication with employees. Don’t rely on bulletin boards, memos and other written means of communication.

• Ask yourself if the message is clear each time your give an instruction. Discuss defined things the employees should do, such as specific sales goals.

• Listen to employees, and show respect for them when they speak. They’ll feel part of the team, and they’ll tend to be more dedicated and productive.

• Conduct one-on-one meetings. Ask each employee to tell you how you can help him or her do a better job. Then share what the employee can do to help you do a better job.

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