Offering your salon and spa guests a glass of wine is an elegant customer service touch, but opening, storing and chilling wine can be a hassle.

Through a new breakthrough innovation, the art-inspired Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System revolutionizes how wine is consumed. This ‘single serve’ system makes it easy to serve your guests a variety of wine at just the right temperature, perfectly aerated through a patented dispensing technology.

Benefits of the system include:

Single Serve

The Wine Connoisseur experience is all about having one perfect glass of wine at a time. Now you can enjoy exceptional curated wines from all over the world, with the variety you want without having to purchase or consume a bottle at a time.

Wine Varietals

There is no need to open multiple bottles to offer your guests a variety of vintages, appellations and varietals.

Quick Chill Time

Wines can take several hours to chill in the refrigerator to reach the ideal temperature. Through Wine Connoisseur’s revolutionary technology, you can chill each varietal of their hand-selected wines to the perfect temperature in less than two minutes.

Eliminate Waste

No need to pour out unfinished bottles because the wine isn’t finished in one sitting.

Perfect Aeration

The Wine Connoisseur System aerates your wine in under two minutes. It normally takes between 20 minutes to four hours to aerate wine in order to maximize the full taste and aromas.

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