An assortment of sustainable brands that are represented by Sustain Beauty Co.
An assortment of sustainable brands that are represented by Sustain Beauty Co.

Cosmetology schools determined to prepare students for future success will appreciate the newly launched Sustain Beauty Co School Program, which provides educational, technological and marketing support along with generous discount plans. Designed to help schools become more attractive to potential students looking for greater purpose alongside education, SBCo is partnering with schools seeking to future-proof admissions and conserve costs and resources.

“The world is changing quickly and schools are experiencing pushback from students performing tasks they consider unconnected with their education, and new rulings have sided with them putting pressure on schools to adapt to a new labor landscape,” said Valorie Tate, of SBCo. “More than that, though, there is an even more persuasive trend towards greater environmental consideration. Young students want to align with providers that not only share their concerns, but are actively promoting education and careers that are more sustainability-minded. Our schools are preparing students by exposing them to better, more innovative ways of performing all their tasks in a sustainable way.”

Sustainability isn’t just focused on protecting the planet; it is also about protecting business so that it is sustainable. Recently, a long-running dispute left a Michigan cosmetology school with a $2.8 million pay-out to students, who argued they were forced to perform unpaid tasks, such as cleaning floors, washing towels and stocking shelves. One student described her experiences as involving “load after load of towels” in which she faced an endless cycle of washing, drying, folding and putting them away. Many salons and now schools have escaped this highly unpopular chore by swapping to compostable, biodegradable Scrummi Towels, one of SBCo’s best-selling products.

While these plant-based towels have alleviated the majority of school laundry, they also create conversations about innovation and performance. Rising utility costs may burden some states more than others, but hard water plagues over 90% of the US, which has led many schools to already be a Clean Water School with ECOHEADS spray nozzles. The innovation interests new students of all ages even more so than conservation, but it’s the philanthropy that is part of the program that excites them most. All participating schools donate to the Save Water Give Water project through their sustainable investments, helping others in water-stressed nations get access to clean, safe drinking water.

Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co.
Valorie Tate, founder of Sustain Beauty Co.

“The SBCo School Program is multi-faceted and aimed at helping schools around the country access the latest technology to help them build our next generation of professionals,” added Tate. “We have already seen that simple things like ending the thankless task of laundry may help, but it’s the bigger picture that has been the greatest bank builder for schools, amping up their admission portfolio and process.”

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The SBCo Schools Program provides:

  • Fixed 20% discount off MSRP on all SBCo brands
  • Digital marketing assets for school to promote to students and clients
  • PR opportunities to promote the school’s adoption of best practice
  • Full account management
  • Inclusion and early release of new products and services
  • A case study of the school for sharing with students
  • Participation in creating a curriculum
  • Support with technology partnership to maximize investments
  • Digital tools for each student – checklist, calculators and case studies
  • Graduation discount for students

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