Ten winning salons that went head-to-head in the recent ‘Ditch Laundry Challenge’ hosted by Sustain Beauty Co and Davines saved more than 2,500 gallons of water in just one week, but it was Florida-based Sharp and The Swann that won the ultimate prize of a two-month vacation from towel laundry.

Sustain Beauty Co dared Davines salons to team up with compostable, disposable Scrummi towels for just one week to see how much less water and energy they used and how much less hassle they had, with 10 salons selected to receive 500 free towels. For the Sharp and the Swann team, that freed them from the hassle, time and cost of their typical 12 laundry loads they do a week.

“We were shocked at the absorbency with the towels being so thin and lightweight,” said Chelsea Swann, who co-owns Sharp and The Swann in Pensacola, Florida, with Whitney Sharp. “They absorbed way more water than regular cotton towels. We also were surprised at the length of them. We could double wrap some clients.”

Scrummi is a premium disposable towel that meets the uncompromising sustainability standards of most eco-minded salon owners and performance standards of top stylists around the globe. The Ditch Laundry challenge to the 10 Davines salons was to lock away cotton towels for a week and then report honestly about their experience on their social channels. The feedback was 100% positive.

“We loved how they positively impacted our sustainability practices in the salon,” said Jackie Spellman, owner of Lifted Salon in Folsom, California, which sidestepped processing its typical 19-20 wash loads of towels. The salon found they could keep on using the towel after drying their clients: “We couldn’t believe how much water is saved by shifting away from cotton towels. We loved the reusability of these towels for cleaning as well.”

Kylene Gonzales, of Gonzalez, Moon Cove Salon, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, had reservations at first. “I was surprised at how well it did with my curly hair clients,” she said. “I was a little worried about frizz but the towels actually performed better than my microfiber ones.”

Davines and Sustain Beauty Co, the exclusive suppliers of Scrummi towels, are on a mission to help salons reduce their impact, making them ideal partners.

“Our ethos aligns with Davines perfectly. Sustainability isn’t just about looking after the planet, it’s also about looking to secure the future of your salon and your team,” said SBCo’s Valorie Tate. “We believe hairstylists don’t have to sacrifice quality to protect their health and the environment so we deliver on that sweet spot of sustainable products and soul satisfaction.”

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