As summer arrives, the days are longer, and the weather is warmer, making it time to dust off our summer wardrobes, pack up our winter knits and explore the latest trends and staples everyone needs for summer 2023.  Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for cowboy boot-related terms have skyrocketed in the United States over the past month after various celebrities and influencers have showcased their twists on the western-style boots, leading fans to follow in their footsteps. 

Cowboy Boots 

Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It
Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It

A new finding by experts at Boohoo reveals that online interest in ‘cowboy boots’ has seen a 126% increase in the United States over the past three months. Interest has also swarmed over TikTok, with the hashtag #cowboyboots surpassing over 873 million views on the platform. 

Coloured cowboy boots are extremely popular, with searches for ‘red cowboy boots’ increasing 108% over the past five years. British actress Millie Bobby Brown was spotted attending an event in Japan wearing a red embellished short, top and jacket outfit with matching red embellished cowboy boots, which sparked searches in early May to spike 61% in the United States.  

Pink cowboy boots have also been a hit online, with the hashtag #pinkcowboyboots surpassing 3.8 million views on TikTok. The hashtag #whitecowboyboots takes the lead with 12.1 million views, and #blackcowboyboots reached 957,000 views. 

What to wear with cowboy boots: 

  • Flowy dresses – Floaty summer dresses are a match made in heaven with cowboy boots, as the effortlessness of the dress tames down the rugged style of the boots. Try opting for a mini if you have shorter legs to elongate or shorter cowboy boots and a longer-length dress. 
  • Denim shorts – Denim shorts are the go-to bottom when it comes to Western style. They are practical, comfortable and can be paired with almost any top. 
  • Maxi skirts with side slits – Maxi skirts which show off the leg are a great option for festivals or days where its hotter in the daytime and cooler in the evening. They are perfect for giving off an edgy vibe, and they make any outfit look thought out, even with cowboy boots. 

Mexican Style 

Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It
Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It

One style to look out for this summer is Mexican culture-focused pieces, such as flowy dresses and skirts styled with cowboy boots and adding a Spanish flair to any outfit. The trend has already struck onto the runways, with Dior releasing its latest collection, Cruise 2024, which is inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and traditional Mexican culture.  

If you are keen to invest in this trend, expect to experiment with Mexican embroidery and weavings in textures of leather and juxtaposed chiffons, linens, and similar light fabrics.  

How to style: 

  • Flowy maxi skirts – The lighter the fabric the better. Try to incorporate longline skirts into your wardrobe by styling them with western or chunky boots. Having both a white and black options as staples are a fantastic way to experiment with colour and patterns on your top half. 
  • White shirts – Tuck in a white satin shirt into a long maxi to give off a smart/casual look, pair with a silver chunky belt and silver jewellery. 
  • Layering lace – Play with layers of lace by adding hints of the thin fabric into your outfits. Whether this is at the end of sleeves, under skirts or just on your socks, lace is a fantastic way to add a Mexican touch to your fit. 
  • Red boots – Don't be afraid to add a pop of red into your outfit, this will level up any casual look, especially if the length is longer. If your outfit incorporates red embroidery, opting for a red boot is the perfect way to tie it all together, effortlessly. 

Cowboy Hats 

Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It
Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It

The Western trend is not strictly about cowboy boots; cowboy hats have also made a huge comeback and have been seen all over social media in recent months.  

One celebrity who is a Western-style fan is Harry Styles. His fans have made it a considerable part of their experience when attending his tours to wear cowboy hats and feather boas, which lead to an influx of people taking design matters into their own hands and DIY-ing their own cowboy hats to stand out from the crowd. The hashtag #harrystylesconcertoutfit has seen an incredible 22.7 million views on TikTok, where videos of outfit inspiration and how to craft your own cowboy hat for the concert are posted. 

How to style cowboy hats: 

Depending on the extravagance of your cowboy hat and the event you are attending, there are a few go-to’s in how to style them: 

  • Let your hat do the talking – If you are DIY-ing your cowboy hat to attend a concert, hen party or even a festival, they are a fantastic way to make life easier with a simple outfit that can be accessorized and styled up. 
  • Simple cowboy touch – The feathers and diamantes are not for everybody, so if you want to style a more neutral cowboy hat and go for a more effortless and discrete look, style with a pair of jeans and your favorite top.
  • Long dresses – Pairing a long dress with a cowboy hat is the pinnacle of edge and comfort. Throwing on a cowboy hat with your favorite summer dress is the perfect way to stay protected in the sun while keeping cool and classy.  

Double Denim 

Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It
Interest in Mexican Style Fashion Has Skyrocketed: Here's How to Wear It

Double denim is like marmite; some people love it, some people hate it, but one thing is for sure – it is trending. Over the past 90 days, searches for ‘double denim outfit’ has skyrocketed by 1,884% in the United States. 

Noughties icons Victoria and David Beckham were spotted in late April twinning in matching denim outfits proving that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears weren’t the only duos to rock double denim after the 2001 American Movie Awards.  

TikTokers are using the hashtag #denimondenimoutfit to showcase their all denim looks, which has generated 9.9 million views. But double denim can sometimes be hard to style.  

How to style double denim: 

  • The same shade of denim – This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you slay your denim outfit, and that is to make sure both the top and bottom portions of your outfit are the same shade. Wearing two completely different shades can cause the outfit to look miss matched and awkward. 
  • Style with simple accessories – Going too overboard with accessories while wearing an already daring fit is dangerous. By all means, play with colour and shapes but make sure not to introduce too much chaos into the look as it will become confusing. 
  • Dark denim – Dark denim such as indigo is taking the spotlight at the moment, especially skirts and shirt co-ord outfits, so opt for darker denims if you want to stay trendy. 

Design Manager and expert Penelope Armstrong, at Boohoo commented on the findings: 

“Summer is now in full swing, so festivals, concerts and parties are being held all across the United States, which is why it is on the forefront of every attendee’s mind to look and feel amazing in their outfits, which is why many take their time in deciding on what to wear. 

Fashion icons such as Harry Styles have created such a buzz around outfits worn at his shows and live tours; with apps such as TikTok allowing instant access to outfit inspiration, it is easy to learn how to recreate your favorite celebrity looks successfully and, most importantly, affordably.” 

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