We've been talking about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as it relates to our professional salon industry for years, now.  In early 2019, I wrote this article called, Stylists, Are Robots Coming for Your Jobs?  not to whip myself up but to calm myself down.  After hearing from Antony Whitaker,  a salon owner, educator, author, and coach, I decided that, no, they are not going to create a robot haircutting machine anytime soon. 

Don't get stressed about keeping up with your social media marketing; tap into AI to make it...

Don't get stressed about keeping up with your social media marketing; tap into AI to make it easier. 

A year after I wrote this article,  we had other things to worry about, and COVID crowded out my concerns around technologies that might compete for space on the salon floor. 

Now, the articles about who will lose their job to artificial-intelligence chatbots pop up in my every social feed and instead of panicking, I am taking a "can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em" attitude.  It's much less stressful if I think of myself as Tom Sawyer and A.I. is helping me paint my figurative fence.  

How to Use A.I. to Write Instagram Captions

Case in point: Instagram captions.  We hear from beauty professionals that they can feel overburdened and burnt out with the demands of keeping up an active social presence.  But with so many Apps that can automate posting, and allow you to schedule drafts, even plan out your first comment (and hashtags), A.I. can also lend a helping hand. 

For instance, I asked ChatGPT to "write a dozen Instagram captions describing the joy of a new beauty school graduate " and here was the very serviceable result. These captions may not align with your brand, they may not even sound like you, but using A.I. helps you jumpstart your thinking and brainstrom when your brain is too tired to storm or create.

Robots aren't coming for your job, but they can be your new best friend.

Robots aren't coming for your job, but they can be your new best friend.

A.I .Generated Instagram Captions That Aren't Terrible

"Feeling blessed and beautiful as I embark on my new career in the beauty industry! 💄✨ #beautyschoolgrad"

"A new chapter begins as a proud beauty school graduate! 💇‍♀️🎓 Excited to create magic in the beauty industry!"

"Radiating confidence and ready to slay in the beauty world! 💅🏽✨ #beautyschoolgraduate"

"Dreams do come true! So thrilled to start my journey in the beauty industry as a beauty school graduate! 💄👩‍🎓"

"Passion, determination, and a touch of glam! Thrilled to be a beauty school graduate and embark on my beauty career! 💋💄"

"From beauty student to beauty professional! Ready to shine in the beauty industry! ✨💇‍♀️ #beautyschoolgrad"

"The beauty industry is my canvas, and I'm ready to paint my way to success! 🎨👩‍🎓 #beautyschoolgraduate"

"Embracing my love for all things beauty as a recent beauty school graduate! 💄✨ Excited for what's to come!"

"I've got my diploma and my makeup brushes ready! So excited to start my beauty career! 💄🎓 #beautyschoolgrad"

"Starting my beauty career with a bang! Thankful for my time in beauty school and excited for the future! 💇‍♀️✨"

"Transforming my passion into my profession! Proud to be a beauty school graduate! 💄👩‍🎓 #beautyindustry"

"New beginnings, new adventures! So grateful to be a beauty school graduate and start my journey in the beauty industry! 💅🏽✨"

How to Create A.I. Instagram Captions That Sound Like You

NOW, if you really want to dig-in and create captions and content that DOES align with your brand, with language that sounds like something you might have said or written, you can teach A.I. a bit more about you. 

To create Instagram captions using A.I., you can follow these steps:

  1. Gather a large dataset of Instagram captions that match the tone and style you're looking for.
  2. Train a natural language processing (NLP) model using the dataset. There are several NLP libraries you can use, such as NLTK, spaCy, or TensorFlow.
  3. Fine-tune the model using your own data to make it more specific to your Instagram account and audience.
  4. Use the model to generate captions for your Instagram posts. You can provide the model with an image and have it generate a caption based on the content of the image or use a custom prompt to generate a caption.
  5. Review the generated captions and choose the one that best fits your post. You may need to make some adjustments to ensure that the caption is appropriate and fits with your brand's tone and voice.
  6. Post your image with the AI-generated caption and see how your audience responds. Use analytics tools to measure the engagement and adjust your caption strategy accordingly.

Final Words: Keep in mind that A.I.-generated captions may not always be perfect or completely match your preferences. It's important to review and adjust the generated captions as needed to ensure they align with your brand and voice.  

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Originally posted on Modern Salon