Glass block tile, one of the fated trends.

Glass block tile, one of the fated trends. 

If renovating your salon, spa or barbershop is in your future or if you are adding another location, it's important to observe emerging design trends, as well as have an eye for ones that will fade away quickly. Interior design experts Hovia researched dated trends and identified four they predict will never return.

Popcorn ceilings 

Popcorn ceilings, also called stucco or acoustic ceilings, grew popular in the late 1950s and were installed into homes as it was not only time and cost effective but also helped absorb sound and cover up imperfections in the ceiling. Multi Trade Building Services claim that this is their most requested quote is to remove the stucco or popcorn off ceilings.

The popularity of popcorn ceilings has diminished heavily not due to just looking like cottage cheese but also due to safety concerns, as asbestos was a common ingredient.  With the ceiling being so textured it is also very hard to clean and can trap a lot of dust, so it may be more time effective to install but not to keep clean.  

Round beds 

The round bed first made its appearance in the design scene in the 1960’s and has made several high-profile features such as in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. However, there are reasons why that round beds are not the most common and practical choice or trend. 

There are a few practicalities surrounding round beds such as losing space, although it may be easier to sleep in it as a single person, two people may not find it so comfortable. It’s also more expensive to invest in as round beds are not that frequent so affordable prices can be difficult to find, as well as finding rounded mattresses and bedsheets on top of this.  

Tile countertops 

Ceramic tiles were heavily popular in the 1980s due to being cheap, easy to install and for its design purposes of colour, size and pattern options. Whilst tile might add texture and visual interest, according to Long and Foster many homes still have tile countertops, but they are not commonly installed in the present day. 

Some issues that can arise with tile countertops are stains and bacteria, as grout is used to put the tile in place which is material that will absorb liquids and can lead to bacteria growth. There is also a risk of cracks and breakages, and the staining can also lead to the surface being very hard to clean.  

Glass block windows  

In the 1930s glass block windows were popular and used as partitions around the home to offer privacy whilst still letting in the light, according to Seves Glass Block Inc. However, by the very early 2000s the trend of glass block windows started to die out.  

The appearance of glass block can be outdated, unattractive and unnecessary whilst also having some impractical qualities. Although the view through a glass block is clouded and neighbours won't be able to see through in detail, you can still make out outlines which might not be the best addition to a bathroom. Glass block windows also don’t allow any ventilation, so whether you are ill, needing any fresh air or cleaning with harsh chemicals it can be quite impractical.  


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