Everyone wants to look good, and some will go to great lengths and costs to do so. A new survey by Advanced Dermatology looked into how much Americans spend on their appearance, along with what they spend the most on. The study found adults spend an average of $722 on their appearance each year. 

Not surprisingly, women spend a bit more ($877) than men do ($592) on their looks.

Here's some of the findings of the study: 

  • Nearly 1 in 6 spend more on beauty and wellness than they can afford. 
  • 34% want to receive beauty/wellness products during the holidays.
  • 3 in 5 Americans say inflation impacts their decision whether or not to spend money on their appearance.
  • Hair products (71%), followed by Skincare (69%) top the list on what Americans in to look their best. 

Regardless of spending habits, 67% say they worry about their appearance and 58% struggle with self-confidence. So, what’s making Americans self-conscious? Weight, skin quality, and smile/teeth top the list. Some people are taking matters into their own hands, with 1 in 3 considering cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. 

Check out the entire study here.


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