Booksy Launches Innovative Service Variants Feature to Help Beauty Businesses Customize Appointments

Provided by Booksy.

If you are a beauty pro and own a business, you may have staff of varying experience levels, with different speed of services and pricing. Although this is the industry norm, it can be tough for business owners to keep up-to-date on service lists and price menus that reflect so many variations. To make things easier and more efficient, Booksy, a leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, launched their newest updated feature – Service Variants!

Booksy Service Variants makes it simpler than ever to list and promote different services, descriptions, prices, and durations of services. Best of all, business owners will be able to assign variations to specific staff members.  

Why are Service Variants important? Well, the business owner of a nail salon might employ an entry level nail tech and an experienced nail manicurist. Those two staffers might perform a mani-pedi at different speeds and charge different prices. If that business owner uses Service Variants, clients won’t have to spend additional time trying to figure out which mani-pedi on the service menu they should book.  

Service Variants also help providers run their business more efficiently with customized team settings. Business owners now have more flexibility when assigning service duration and price to individual team members, helping to eliminate stressful workarounds of staff who work at different levels.

This updated feature also allows for a more accurately booked team calendar. Before Service Variants, staff who worked faster than others may be limited to the number of appointments or standing around in between bookings due to a default booking duration. Now, business owners can embrace each team member’s own pace by adjusting service duration for individual staff members to make sure the teams’ calendar is accurately booked.      

Taking advantage of Service Variants means that clients have all the information they need to book by the experience level and pricing model they want. The amount of service time is crystal clear. Staff members availability becomes easier than ever to manage. This updated feature also eliminates common client misunderstandings which enhances satisfaction and keeps your salon, spa, barber shop running smoothly.

Start creating Service Variants with just a few simple steps:

  1. Head to “Business Settings” in the Booksy Biz app and select “Services Setup”
  2. Click on “Services & Combos Services”
  3. Select an existing service to edit, or “Add a Service”
  4. Under “Duration/Pricing”, in the “General” heading, click + “Add Service Variant”.
  5. Add a description to each one of the “Service Variants”

In the beauty business, there’s no one size fits all model. Booksy Service Variants helps businesses of all sizes embrace the pace and level of experience of each staffer and helps customers find the best service for them.   

Download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more.

ABOUT BOOKSY: Booksy is a cloud-based appointment booking solution for hairstylists, colorists, barbers, nail artists, estheticians, massage therapists, salons, barbershops, spas and more. It offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, online payments, and a suite of marketing management functionalities. Android and iPhone apps supported. Booksy features two mobile applications: Booksy Biz for businesses and Booksy Lite geared more for independent professional plus a Booksy app for clients.

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