Dasha Minina, CEO and Founder of Beautician List

Dasha Minina, CEO and Founder of Beautician List

Beautician List, the first online solution for identifying licensed beauty specialists through its mobile app and online platform, has partnered with Beauty Industry Group (BIG) to provide online license verifications for several of the group’s brands. Now, licensed beauty professionals can enjoy a simplified verification process as they shop with many of the BIG brands.

BIG, established in 2004 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT continues as an industry leader for professional hair extensions and related beauty products. BIG’s professional products are sold in more than 1,300 stores throughout North America and its collective brands service more than 30,000 salons across 165 countries.

Beautician List was established to streamline the license verification process in the beauty industry. License verification is paramount for beauty professionals, providing a critical qualification standard for the industry. Unfortunately, the verification process is typically lengthy and complex. The industry currently houses 47 different state websites, each with its unique interface. Some states allow for online verification, but others do not. This disjointed process leads to verification delays and delays in product sales and program enrollment. Sometimes, the experience is poor enough to cause the professional to abandon it altogether.

BIG President of Professional Brands Brandon Hutchins says the new partnership between BIG and Beautician List will help solve this issue for industry vendors. “We recognize the benefits that Beautician List serves to the professional community—especially the licensed professionals and salons,” says Hutchins. “We’re always looking for ways to help create a better customer experience throughout the shopping process. Beautician List does just that, and we look forward to utilizing and promoting the platform.”

Beautician List founder and CEO Dasha Minina, who is also a licensed nail technician, says the company’s partnership with BIG is another indication that the industry needs more turnkey solutions. “We’re about end-to-end verification for businesses at Beautician List,” says Minina. “It’s been a pleasure partnering with BIG’s leadership team, and we look forward to supporting their customers with turnkey verifications olutions.”

Learn more about Beautician List at beauticianlist.com.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon