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Needing to get away this summer season, but no clue how to save to get there? Even before it starts, the key to any trip is being smart with your finances.

Tips are an essential source of income and can amount to 20-30% of a service professional’s income and managing this income with financial wellness tools is critical as inflation heats up! The team at Tippy is sharing the three hottest vacation destinations this summer and how you’re going to save up those tips (fast!) with technology to get there.

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Get On The Road Faster

With a digital tipping solution like Tippy, service professionals report receiving 30% more in tips! Our CEO David Tashjian has a saying that speaks to one of Tippy’s main benefits: Let them know you know. It all comes back to psychology and the fact that most people want to be seen in a positive light–thus, they will tip more when there’s transparency about the tip amount. When clients know that you (the service professional) know what they’ve tipped, they’re more likely to tip higher.

Now that you are earning higher tips, pair Tippy with Branch, and your tips are instantly distributed into your digital wallet. No more waiting for tips on your paycheck; the money is available in seconds with Tippy and Branch. Keeping these funds in a separate, fee-free FDIC-insured bank account encourages you to save for an unforgettable summer vacay.

Tippy makes saving tips even more effortless. Watch your balance grow or set aside a percentage of your well-deserved tips in your Branch Digital Wallet. You’ll easily be able to tap and pay at most merchants in 2022. As reported by Payments Journal, Apple Pay is an available payment option at 97 of 100 major retailers. To use your tips in Branch, you can use your Branch Debit Card, contactless pay options on your phone: Apple Pay or Google Pay, or transfer funds to other accounts. You’ll also have access to 50,000+ Fee-Free ATMs to withdraw cash as needed while you are on the go this summer season!


Where To Travel This Summer

Now that your digital Tippy jar is full, where will you travel this summer? We’ve compiled 3 of the hottest summer vacation destinations and the top things to do while you’re there.

BONUS! You’ll earn cash back rewards** from participating local restaurants and retailers while spending those hard-earned tips with your fee-free Branch account.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada 🎰

Book your stay at the Cosmopolitan, as the posh surroundings never disappoint. Begin your trip by lounging in luxury by the trendy Chelsea Pool, and once you’ve had too much fun in the sun, head over to one of many L’Occitane skincare boutiques on the Las Vegas strip and earn 2.7% cash back** on after-sun skincare.

Do you need to pick up a new pair of straight-leg jeans before a night out on the town? Head to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets and earn 2.6% cash-back** for a new pair of Levi’s! Then hop over to the Neon Museum for a blast from the past Las Vegas history lesson and capture the best insta-worthy shots. End the night jonesing off the strip to Chinatown for a fun night of karaoke at J Karaoke Bar (3.6% cash-back**).


2. Honolulu, Hawaii 🌈

Check off those bucket list items with a vacation to the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. From surf lessons on the North Shore of Honolulu to hiking Koko Crater Regional Park, you'll have plenty of activities to keep you busy. After you've worked up an appetite, check out the Food Network featured Highway Inn (3.6% cash-back**) for a traditional Hawaiian lunch that will surely delight your tastebuds. A trip to Honolulu isn't complete without visiting Pearl Harbor National Memorial to learn about one of the most pivotal moments in US History.

It's time for a spa treatment at the only oceanfront spa in Waikiki, Moana Lani Spa, a Heavenly Spa by Westin, and a beachside nap before heading to EbiNomi for fresh seafood dinner (3.6% cash-back**). Finish the evening with a trip to Dave's Ice Cream (3.6% cash-back**). Be sure to try the island's favorite UBE flavor!


3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 🐠

From the sandy beaches to the relaxing spa at the Four Seasons, find something for everyone with a long weekend in Fort Lauderdale, and don’t forget to visit Tippy’s HQ and pick up some branded swag gear! Be sure to visit the whimsical Bonnet House Museum while in town. The historical yellow house and magnificent gardens will have you humming to Coldplay Yellow the rest of the day.

Your group will also appreciate the variety of cuisines in this melting pot. Check out the gorgeous views while enjoying lunch at Wild Thyme Oceanside Eatery, cool down from the sun with a trip to Gelato-Go, and don’t miss Park and Ocean for dinner and live music. All while earning 3.6% cash-back rewards at all three eateries!


Stress-Free Vacations

Vacations are meant as a time to unwind, but it is hard to do that if you’re spending the whole time stressing about paying for it. Whether it’s a road trip, cruise, or another much-needed getaway Tippy makes it easy for service professionals to save for vacays and earn cash back rewards with Branch while on them.

If you are a business owner disbursing cash tips at the end of the day or adding gratuity to your payroll, the time is now to look at the benefits Tippy can bring your business and staff. Get your team started on their financial wellness journey today!

About Tippy

Tippy, a digital tipping system built for service industry professionals by industry professionals, is a disruptive technology offering a suite of tools to reduce processing fees and improve service professionals’ tips. Tippy, helps businesses to meet and exceed financial goals and caters to a variety of sectors including beauty, hospitality, and fitness. For more information, visit MeetTippy.com.

About Branch

Branch, a workforce payments platform backed by Evolve Bank & Trust FDIC-insured checking account. Branch is a digital wallet and card used for acquiring and disbursing cashless tips and other wages. Users can store and transfer funds, spend, and track payment history, earn monthly cash back rewards, and get cash - all without any fees. For more information visit: branchapp.com

**Cash-Back Rewards Merchants Rotate on a Regular Basis

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