Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos: Two New Ways to Fight Flaking

Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos: Two New Ways to Fight Flaking

Flaky scalp challenges affect 40-50% of the adult population worldwide.* But not all flakes are created equal. Are you prescribing a personalized solution for your salon clients? According to experts at Rene Furterer, to provide the best scalp support for clients, stylists can now:

  • Normalize the scalp conversation by talking about “flaking” versus dandruff.
  • Use professional expertise to diagnose the type of flakiness—oily flaking or dry flaking.
  • Recommend a customized, sensory shampoo and treatment regimen for the client’s specific scalp flaking situation—not an outdated, chemically harsh, “one size fits all” approach.

*(Source: Kantar Consumer Insights).

A Story Born of Nature

“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, like a plant from fertile soil.” That’s the Rene Furterer philosophy, driving the brand’s global success and heritage of expertise in healthy hair and scalp care.

The company’s latest breakthrough? Plant-based Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos—one for dry flaking and one for oily flaking. Both problem-solving formulas have the same client-pleasing result: eliminate visible flakes from first use, and immediately soothe itching and discomfort. (Source: Consumer usage test conducted on 72 subjects with dry and oily dandruff for 21 day.)

Results Using Neopur Shampoo for Dry, Flaky Scalp

Results Using Neopur Shampoo for Dry, Flaky Scalp

Expert Advice, New Innovation

MODERN SALON asked stylist, scalp expert and Rene Furterer Education Manager Chuck Hezekiah for an overview on the benefits, ingredient story and how-to tips behind Neopur’s new personalized shampoo approach to fix flaking. He also shouts out why Neopur pairs perfectly with Rene Furterer’s popular Astera Fresh Concentrate pre-shampoo treatment, the first step in a “prep, cleanse, condition” strategy that parallels contemporary skin care routines.

We found a new solution to scalp flaking. It’s plant-based and just as effective.”
Chuck Hezekiah, Rene Furturer Education Manager

Rene Furterer Education Manager Chuck Hezekiah

Rene Furterer Education Manager Chuck Hezekiah

Q:  Why should stylists and salon owners take a closer look at how to approach flaking scalp concerns?

Hezekiah: It starts with the language we use when talking to clients about their scalp challenges. Dandruff has become an antiquated, stigmatized word. If we ask clients if they have dandruff, they likely say no. But 50% of clients will say they have a flaking scalp. And there are lots of different causes—allergic, seasonal, hormonal, genetics, stress—which can result in two very distinct types of scalp flaking—oily or dry.

Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos focus on the flaking situation and gives stylists two specific formula options, along with better language to consult with clients, and an appealing, plant-based ingredient and fragrance story to share.

Q. Why Neopur, why now?

Hezekiah: Health, wellness and stress are huge concerns for all consumers today. Scalp health has been part of our Rene Furterer heritage since 1957. Research shows:

  • Flaking is the top hair concern among men in the U.S.
  • 27% of men and almost 14% of women purchase anti-flake shampoo.

So flaking is a significant challenge for salon clients, and a good business opportunity for salons who want to offer real, targeted solutions.

As scalp experts, Rene Furterer has offered other products designed for flaking scalp in our past, but new technology means we can now offer two botanically based formulas that are gentler for the client, with a great scent and effective results that clients start experiencing literally after the first Neopur shampoo.

Whether a client has dry or oily flaking issues, with the right Neopur formula, flaking and itching are dramatically minimized after the first use. And because Neopur naturally rebalances the scalp microbiome, the shampoo helps prevent flakes from coming back for four weeks after using.

Q. How does Neopur work? What’s the ingredient story?

Hezekiah: Rather than using the common chemical most anti-flaking shampoo brands have relied upon for years, the key ingredients in Neopur shampoos are a patented Wild Ginger Extract and Celery Extract, botanical blends found to be just as effective and gentler than chemical ingredients like zinc pyrithione.

Consumers today appreciate natural, ethical product options, and Neopur offers two beautiful ones for both types of flake-prone scalps. We’re particularly proud that Wild Ginger Extract offers a drug-free alternative to flake control and is sourced from a responsible, Ecocert-certified supplier. Also:

  • Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoos work deep down to purify the scalp without irritation
  • Sensorial formulas have a long-lasting rebalancing effect on the scalp
  • Wild Ginger & Celery extracts eliminate visible flakes from the first use and immediately soothe itching
Wild Ginger Extract is Neopur's 100% natural, responsibly sourced hero ingredient

Wild Ginger Extract is Neopur's 100% natural, responsibly sourced hero ingredient

Q. Dry flaking versus oily flaking—what can stylists look for to identify the two types?

Hezekiah: There are some simple cues the stylist can use to understand flaking scalp issues and to prescribe the right Neopur shampoo.

  • A healthy scalp has a balanced microbiome, and flaking is invisible to the naked eye.
  • A flaking scalp has excessive Malassezia (yeast-like fungi), scalp inflammation, itching and/or cycles of intensified flaking.
  • Dry flaking stems from a lack of sebum due to a dry scalp and tends to be more common in adults than oily flaking. If you rub the scalp and dead skin falls and feels like salt or sand, or you see thin scales falling onto the shoulders, that’s a sign of a dry, flaking scalp.
  • Oily flaking is a result of excess sebum. Flakes are more like onion skin, yellowed, and will stick to the scalp or to a few hair strands.

Q. Does using the right flaking formula really matter?

Hezekiah: Absolutely, yes. Using the wrong formula can exacerbate scalp problems. A lot of traditional anti-flaking products are designed solely for oily “dandruff,” or seborrhea. They strip the oil then “press that skin down,” so it doesn’t flake. But this “masking” can cause other issues, and more irritation. Since there are two types of flaking, Neopur ensures Rene Furterer helps salons address both types. And you and your client can expect powerful results!

  1. Neopur for Dry, Flaky Scalp
  • The scalp feels hydrated, and hair feels healthy and soft
  • Plant-based glycerin moisturizes the scalp
  • Rebalances the scalp microbiome after 4 weeks of use
  • Scalp is immediately soothed with less discomfort and less itching
  1. Neopur for Oily, Flaky Scalp
  • The scalp feels purified, and hair feels healthy and light
  • Curbicia (squash seed) extracts helps regulate oil
  • Rebalances the scalp microbiome after 4 weeks of use
  • Scalp is immediately soothed with less discomfort and less itching

Q. What can stylists do to make scalp consultations more comfortable and useful?

Hezekiah: I like to say our professional licenses obligate us to look closely at our client’s scalp. If there are issues with the hair, those typically start from the scalp (except for damage from heat or processing). With every visit, observe, touch, even smell the scalp (to detect any slight fungal odors). Use your most powerful tool, your eyes, to “see” what your client is feeling but might be reluctant or embarrassed to mention. Then ask:

  • Have you noticed any changes with your scalp or in how much hair you have?
  • Are you experiencing itchiness? (Notice if they reach up and scratch or have signs of consistent scratching.)
  • Do you have any sensitive or sore spots on your scalp?

Use what you learn to open the conversation with something like, “I’m seeing something a little different going on with your scalp.” Explain, and always finish with “I can help you.” Clients want to have fabulous hair with no issues. And they appreciate when you offer solutions like Neopur that provide relief and results.

Q. What is the in-salon and at-home application process and regimen to use Neopur to treat a flaking scalp? 

Hezekiah: Once you identify a scalp flaking issue, the process is simple, in three steps:

  1. Prep to cleanse, with Astera Fresh Soothing Freshness Concentrate, a combination of Asteraceae (the botanical name for echinacea) extract plus mint and eucalyptus essential oils to soothe, cool, calm and balance an irritated scalp, and reduce inflammation.
  2. Cleanse twice, with the appropriate Neopur shampoo (for dry or oily flaking). Shampoo twice with Neopur—first to simply cleanse the scalp and remove the treatment. Then repeat. Why twice? Neopur’s Wild Ginger and Celery extract ingredients are most effective on a clean scalp. The second shampoo allows these natural ingredients to penetrate the scalp, soothe, balance and help remove the dead flakes.
  3. Condition, using whatever Rene Furterer conditioner matches the client’s hair needs—color treated conditioner, moisturizing conditioner, etc. Rene Furterer products treat zones separately, by the scalp, the shaft of the hair, and ends.
Astera Fresh Concentrate works hand-in-hand with Neopur shampoos

Astera Fresh Concentrate works hand-in-hand with Neopur shampoos

Integrating Astera: Easy and Essential

Clients can experience Astera first as an in-salon application, then a weekly spa treatment ritual at home. Just apply Astera, massage in, and leave on for up to 10 minutes before shampooing with Neopur. Think “facial for your scalp.”

Or, if scheduling self-care is a challenge, suggest clients find time once a week during their regular Neopur routine at home. Just rub the Astera concentrate in for as little as 60 seconds, leave in for just 3-5 minutes more, then shampoo (twice) and condition.

In the same way a good makeup remover and pre-cleanse step is essential to caring for one’s facial skin, this extra Astera Fresh step works hand-in-hand with Neopur to eliminate flaking and dead skin while softening, detoxifying, balancing and calming the most throbbing and itchy scalps.

Q. Where can salon pros learn more about Neopur shampoos to help clients eliminate flaky scalps, naturally?

Hezekiah: The best place to get started taking better care of both types of flaky scalps is at with information and education starting in June 2022. Don’t miss it

Results Using Neopur for Oily, Flaky Scalp

Results Using Neopur for Oily, Flaky Scalp

The Neopur Difference: Wild Ginger and Celery Extracts Fight Flaking, Naturally

People are asking for natural ways to meet their scalp care and overall wellness needs, and plants are the world’s original medicines. At Rene Furterer, we’ve tested, retested and perfected the best plant-based products for healthy scalps and hair. The world is ready, and you can be, too.

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