Belvedere-Maletti's new Chief Operating Officer Luca Fonte steps into the role Principle,...

Belvedere-Maletti's new Chief Operating Officer Luca Fonte steps into the role Principle, President and COO Horst Ackermann leaves behind when he retires March 31. 

Principle, President and COO Horst Ackermann will retire from Belvedere-Maletti, leaving Luca Fonte as his replacement. The company thanks Ackermann for his nearly 20 years of service and is excited about the forward vision Fonte has for the company. 

"Luca knows the industry and was groomed for this role," Ackermann says. "He already has shown that he can lead this company since we started this transition while I was still in charge." 

While Ackermann will remain available for Belvedere-Maletti in a consulting capacity, as needed, he has faith in Fonte's leadership, skillset and drive to modernize the company so it can better connect with and serve its clients. 

"It is an honor for me to head such an iconic company in the beauty industry," Fonte says. "I am privileged to start this journey, and you will shortly see changes in our product line, partnerships and marketing, which will keep Belvedere-Maletti where it deserves to be--the go to destination for the beauty industry."

A Revitalized Strategic Vision

As a way to position the company as the go-to source for salon furnishings, Fonte will be focused on shifting the brand's perception and easing the customer's path to checkout. 

In his first 100 days, Fonte's top priorities include: 

  • Stronger integration among American and European divisions: The company will continue to leverage the esteemed Belvedere name, while revitalizing its brand perception thanks to the Italian aesthetic Maletti brings to the table.
  • Move manufacturing to North America: Italian design made in America give the company's customers the best of both worlds; they can also expect new products and designs from the company. 
  • Modernize the company's eCommerce capabilities: In an effort to simplify the customer journey and enhance the shopping experience, there will be a new focus on eCommerce, as well as updates to the sales organization and its channels. 
  • Greater focus on marketing and strategic parnterships: The company is excited to put its best foot forward in the marketplace and reintroduce prospective clients to the modernized Belvedere-Maletti brand. 


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