SALONS OF THE YEAR to Add Best Barbershop Category: Extends Deadline to March 20
SALONS OF THE YEAR to Add Best Barbershop Category: Extends Deadline to March 20

If you have a handsome new look for your barbershop business, hit us with your best shots!

While barbershops have long been included and honored in SALON TODAY's photo-based SALONS OF THE YEAR interior design competition, the 2022 competition is singling grooming establishments out and designating a best barbershop category.

Each year the photo-based competition celebrates salon, spa and barbershop design by naming the 20 most gorgeous spaces. The overall grand-prize winner of the competition graces the cover of the Summer 2022 edition of SALON TODAY. 

Salons, spas and grooming businesses that have been newly opened or renovated in the past two calendar years (January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021) are eligible to enter the 2022 competition. The 2022 application is live now through the extended competition deadline of March 20, 2022. All entries must be made through the online application portal.

Tips for Capturing the Best Barbershop Images

Hire a Pro: Mirrors and lighting are just two of the challenges when it comes to capturing the ambiance and impact of barbershop design, and both can really throw off an image. To show your business in the best light, find a pro with specific experience in photographing interior environments.

Consult Your Peeps: If you hired an architect or interior designer to create your design, ask them for pointers on the shoot. They might have specific suggestions on camera angles that will showcase the barbershop in its best light, and might even be able to recommend a photographer.

Focus on the Design: Your images should showcase your interior design. Please make sure there are no people, extra products or clutter in your shots, although product is encouraged in images of the retail area.

Set the Stage: Imagine you are looking at your barbershop through the camera’s lens. Remove anything that might detract from your barbershop design, such as floor mats or protective plastic chair covers.

Plan Ahead: Schedule your shoot early, well before the extended March 20th  deadline. You will need adequate time to review and edit the images and compile your application. And, you want to allow time to reshoot, if the photographer doesn’t do your salon justice.

Repurpose Your Look: While there’s certainly a cost involved with hiring a professional photographer to document your new look, consider how you might be able to use the resulting images on your website, on social media pages and in marketing pieces.

Access the application here! For any questions about the competition, please reach out to Stacey Soble at 


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