5 Reasons to Leave Payroll to the Pros –  and Focus on Your Customers and Craft
5 Reasons to Leave Payroll to the Pros – and Focus on Your Customers and Craft


Let’s get real - you didn’t open a salon because you love paperwork and payroll. After all, paying people should be simple, but with tax rules constantly changing, it can get complicated quickly. And with customers to care for and a brand to build, paying your people is a problem you just don’t have time to deal with.

But there’s great news – today’s small business payroll systems are easier and faster than ever, and built to help small business owners like you replace tedious and confusing manual payroll processing with simple, accurate, and efficient apps that get payout of the way so you can focus on what matters most: your salon.

For thousands of small business owners across the country, the best modern payroll solution is RollTM by ADP​, a payroll app that uses smart technology and AI to learn about you and your business to provide increasingly personalized service. Roll streamlines payroll processes that used to take hours to minutes and eliminates time lost or wasted figuring out the latest rules and regulations.

Five common pain points of small business payroll

You’ve felt the pain and hassles of managing payroll yourself. That’s why Roll by ADP was custom-made to tackle the five biggest pain points that hold small business owners back when it comes to payroll - and give you more time to focus on more important tasks.

1. Payroll is complicated - even for a simple business.

If you could just pay everyone the same amount, payroll would be a snap. Unfortunately, you’re required to deduct taxes, and maybe even costs for benefits and retirement accounts. Those numbers change – and getting them right takes time you don’t have to spare.

Even if you have independent contractors and you don’t have to deduct taxes for them, you still have all kinds of paperwork to deal with. For example, 1099-NEC forms. Don’t sound familiar? They used to be called 1099-MISC forms, but that changed in 2020. It’s a great example of how tax laws change – and you’re responsible for getting them right to avoid facing fines from the IRS.

Fortunately, Roll by ADP is regularly updated to reflect the newest tax laws. With Roll by ADP, updates happen automatically, so you never need to waste time (or lose sleep!) on tax laws again.  Just do your thing, and let Roll’s AI keep you and your business ahead of the curve, working smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

2. Payroll platforms weren’t made for today’s salon owner.

Running your business is part passion, part persistence, and the rest is learning about 5,000 different software systems. If you’ve used a payroll platform before, you know exactly how that feels.

Do you know why payroll platforms are hard to use? Most are made for accountants and bookkeepers who are sitting at computers, crunching numbers on big screens all day. Doesn’t sound like you, does it?

Roll by ADP gets it. That’s why it was built as an app - so salon owners and other small business owners like you can knock out payroll in minutes on their smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Add an employee? Change a salary? Update a number? They are all fast, easy, and right at your fingertips.

3. Payroll takes time you don’t have.

You know what it takes to succeed — keeping up with the latest styles and trends, a lot of hard work, and many cups of coffee. In the few spare moments you have, do you really want to work on payroll? Of course not.

There’s a new customer to connect with, a new opportunity with wellness to consider, or some exciting ads to review. It’s time to work on your passion , not worry about payroll.

But according to the American Payroll Association, one-third of small businesses spend at least six hours per month on payroll. You don’t have an extra six hours. And if you did, you’d use it for something more important than payroll – like building your business, recruiting your next superstar, or taking a little time just for you.

Roll by ADP is powered by AI, and purpose-built for ease, mobility, and flexibility. Instead of waiting for you to figure payroll out, it sends proactive alerts so you can get payroll done with only a few taps on your phone. Imagine paying your staff in less than a minute, and even throwing in a well-deserved raise with a swipe while you’re at it? It’s not too good to be true - it’s just Roll by ADP.

4. Payroll changes all the time

Employees come, employees go. They move, they change names, they go to new banks – and you have to update their information and make sure it’s accurate. Sounds like a nightmare of back-and-forth questions -- but it doesn’t have to be.

Roll by ADP uses a simple texting-based interface so your team can enter their own information, and update it any time, whether it’s their home address or tax withholding, viewing a pay statement, or downloading their W-2s. Bottomline: the app in their hands puts more time in yours.

5. Payroll mistakes can be costly

Things happen, mistakes are made. And when they impact taxes, penalties can follow. In fact, the American Payroll Association survey found that the IRS levied nearly five million payroll tax penalties in 2019, totaling a whopping $13.7 billion. Ouch.

But AI-powered payroll tools like Roll by ADP learn your payroll and business so well that they can identify and alert you to flaws before they become problems. The result? Feeling confident that you won’t misclassify contractors as employees, exclude necessary tax or benefit deductions, or issue inaccurate paychecks.

Intelligent, intuitive, driven, and efficient - just like you, Roll by ADP is made for small business, and ready to help take you and your salon to the next level. To start your free trial, visit RollTM by ADP.

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