Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly
Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly

What is the hottest hair trend forecast for 2022? Smooth strands rule! Frizzy hair—regardless of natural hair type or texture—is simply not an option, nor does it have to be, thanks to the Davines LOVE/Smoothing Collection.

Davin‐istas already know (and adore) the brand’s powerful LOVE/Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Smoother. This trio transforms unruly strands into manageable, silky hair. Now they’re welcoming two more members to the LOVE/Smoothing family. LOVE/Smoothing Instant Mask zaps frizz instantly, reduces unwanted puffiness and volume and eliminates the battle that can occur when smoothing and styling frizzy hair in just 30 seconds. 

LOVE/Smoothing Perfector fights the good fight day and night. This lightweight leave‐in serum provides thermal protection while styling and repels humidity between shampoos.

“These are our go‐to products for clients who regularly smooth their hair,” say Andrea Hans and Josie Sanchez, co-owners of Davines New York City flagship salon, Broome Street Society. “Using the shampoo, conditioner and mask regularly makes smoothing hair easier and helps smooth styles last a couple of days longer without touch‐ups.”

“You genuinely feel a change in the hair with these products,” adds Davines Artistic Director Tom Connell. “And the addition of the mask is a huge benefit. I believe hair needs a reset once a week. So I tell my clients to keep using the shampoo and conditioner daily, but then once a week, apply the instant mask. It alleviates the damage from pollution, sunlight and hot tools.”


Your knowledge about olives may begin and end with your martini garnish, but did you know that this mighty little fruit is a key ingredient in the Davines LOVE/Smoothing system? Specifically, all of the formulas feature the extract of an olive called the Minuta olive. Think of the Minuta olive as a superfood; it’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins that drench dry, frizzy hair in moisturizing goodness from root to tip.

The Minuta olives in the LOVE/Smoothing system hail from the “large, green heart of Sicily, in the Nebrodi Mountains,” according to Carmelo Messina, who harvests Minuta olives for Davines on his Slow Food farm in Italy. “They are grown in the ideal habitat,” he says, “and result in a rare and ancient Sicilian oil. The groves have been here for centuries. Unlike other Sicilian olive oils, the Minuta oil is very delicate and rich with subtle fruity notes and floral aromas. It’s highly nutritious with a high concentration of polyphenols and vitamin E.” It’s truly a Mediterranean diet for frizzy hair!

What’s also unique to Davines is the method by which those fatty acids and vitamins are extracted.

“Generally, when you extract any ingredients it’s done with chemical solvents,” says Connell. “But we use water to extract the fatty acids and vitamins from the olives, which means the highest efficacy of those ingredients is maintained. More than ever, clients want to know the companies they do business with are socially and ecologically responsible, but they also want their products to perform. With these methods we have met the challenge.”


Ready to steer your clients to a frizz‐free future? Here’s an up‐close look at the LOVE/Smoothing range:

Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly
Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly

LOVE/Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

These are the “daily drivers.” Advise your clients to shampoo and condition with this duo every time they wash their hair for the gentle cleansing and deep hydration that frizzy hair thirsts for.

Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly
Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly

LOVE/Smoothing Instant Mask

“The Instant Mask is our new favorite!” reveal Hans and Sanchez. “It's so effective that if someone normally needs to blow dry and flat iron their hair to create a sleek style, they may be able to skip the iron entirely. It also makes hair feel like magic‐‐soft and hydrated.”

Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly
Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly

LOVE/Hair Smoother

Connell considers this invisible, leave‐in crème his smoothing holy grail. “When you apply it to clean, damp hair, you get the silkiest blow‐dry imaginable,” he says. “It’s rich, but not too heavy or oily.”

Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly
Davines Has Big News for Taming Coarse, Frizzy or Unruly Hair Responsibly

LOVE/Smoothing Perfector

Another newcomer to the lineup, this smoothing anti‐frizz serum provides thermal protection up to 450°F and control for easier styling when working with coarse or unruly hair.

Product mixes can be customized for specific hair types. For example, Connell recommends using the LOVE/Smoothing Shampoo, Mask and Smoothing Perfector along with Davines OI Oil or More Inside Oil Non Oil on thick and unruly hair. For clients who are seeking maximum control and hold, his Rx includes the LOVE/Smoothing Shampoo, Mask and Smoothing Perfector with Davines More Inside Relaxing Fluid.


In addition to prescribing the Davines LOVE/Smoothing collection, Connell, Hans and Sanchez often share these frizz‐control tips with their clients:

  1. Shampoo and condition gently. “From the moment you start to shampoo, through to the final blow dry, everything you do will affect the end result,” notes Connell. “The goal is always to maintain a smooth, locked‐down cuticle. So when you shampoo, don’t do it too vigorously and after you apply the conditioner, try not to touch it too much, otherwise you’ll disturb the cuticles from the onset. And don’t worry about rinsing every last trace of conditioner. “Leaving a little bit behind is actually good for the hair,” say Hans and Sanchez.
  2. Dial down the frequency. This hair type doesn’t need to be shampooed every day. Leaving a day or two, or three, between washes will give it time to recover and give the scalp’s natural oils a chance to rehydrate the hair shaft.
  3. Pat the hair dry, don’t scrub. Save the towel scrubbing for your dishes. Frizzy hair will just get fuzzier with vigorous scrubbing. Instead, show your client how to gently pat her hair dry with a soft towel.
  4. Do the Comb‐Out 2‐Step. Once hair is clean and towel‐dried, Connell recommends another method for preserving a closed cuticle. “First comb the hair, beginning at the ends and working upward, with a wide‐tooth comb,” he says. “Then go back and comb through each section with a fine‐tooth comb. Then apply the LOVE/Smoothing Perfector.” This comb‐out method organizes and smooths the hair for the best possible application of the smoothing product.
  5. Hydrate in layers. “Hydration is key for body and hair!” note Hans and Sanchez. “So let your client know it’s important to drink more water and use a great moisturizing product. Even if she’s air drying her hair, she shouldn’t skip a leave‐in conditioner in favor of a thermal protecting styling product. Use both!”
  6. Manage your dryer. “Always keep the nozzle at least two inches from brush when blow drying,” advises Connell. “Otherwise you’re heating the hair too much, especially if you’re using a brush with metal in it. Lots of people like to blast dry the hair before refining the blow‐out. If you do that, place the dryer, without a nozzle, directly over the head and move from root tip. If you direct airflow from underneath, you’ll disturb the cuticle.”
  7. Coddle curls carefully. If the client wants air‐dried curls, avoid raking through the hair with the fingers to apply product. “Instead,” says Connell, “use your hands like a paddle with your fingers locked together. This way you coat and lock in the cuticle without disturbing the curl pattern.”
  8. Cut frizzy hair with care. “I would avoid using razors or thinning tools on frizzy hair,” advises Connell, “because these tools disturb the cuticle too much. Go for cleaner ends cut with scissors. And be careful with layers. If you layer this hair type too much, the hair separates and you get ledges! Always be aware of the shape of the head and thickness of the hair.”

Learn more about how to become a Davines salon and the new LOVE/Smoothing collection with responsibly sourced ingredients. 

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