GoodBody salon in Oakland, CA, was founded how all great businesses are—after identifying a need in the marketplace that was going unmet. 

GoodBody’s founder Brittany Barnes was fed up with the challenges she faced finding professional, luxurious haircare services in her area, all under one roof. 

Founder Brittany Barnes

Founder Brittany Barnes

“I was having to go to three or four different salons to get all of my services,” she says. “I’d go to one salon to get my hair pressed, then another to get braided, then another to get colored. And on top of that, the level of inspiration and professionalism that I was getting at these salons was not what I was in search of. I wanted to have a beautiful experience that was created just for me.”

Enter GoodBody, established to be the premiere hair destination for Black women in Oakland California. GoodBody is reimagining the haircare experience by helping customers establish a more intentional outlook on healthy hair and self-care. It’s cultivating a culture that is gender-inclusive and celebrates the uniqueness that is Black hair. 

“At GoodBody, we’re invested in loving your hair because of what texture it is, not despite it” Barnes says. “We’re here for your overall hair health and to provide everything you need in one space.” 

From hair services— like curly cut and style, twist outs, silk presses, cornrows, color, extensions and more—plus lash and eyebrow, clients with deeply textured hair will find what they’re looking for.

And GoodBody’s name truly reflects its mission—not only does everyone want hair with great body and volume, approaching textured haircare as self-care is in the brand’s DNA.


“Before GoodBody, it was a chore to get my hair done,” Barnes says. “It took eight hours to get a style that should’ve only taken two hours. I’d walk in and no one would say ‘hello.’ I’d sit in a chair waiting to be seen whenever the stylist had the time. It didn’t feel like self care. From the moment you walk into GoodBody to the moment you leave, it feels great. We make the client feel like we’re so happy to have them there.”

And although opening the salon in November 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic presented its own set of challenges, Barnes and the GoodBody team have created an online community and presence that is unmistakable, allowing the business to flourish despite the circumstances. 

From online to IRL, GoodBody’s brand is inspired; the interior of the physical salon—designed by the husband-and-wife duo behind Homework design studio—was very thoughtfully crafted to promote a sense of connectedness. 


“From the open design to the u-shaped seating in the waiting area, we created a space that would give people a sense of community as soon as they walked in,” Barnes says. “It doesn’t look like your typical salon. For my generation especially, it really matters how a space makes you feel when you walk into it. One thing about GoodBody is, we want you to feel good when you step inside.”

So what’s next for Barnes and GoodBody? The team is working on developing a product line so their community outside of the Bay area can have the GoodBody experience directly at home.

To learn more about GoodBody, visit its website

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