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‘Skinimalism’, filler ‘tweakments’, and lip blushing are among some of the beauty trends predicted to be popular for winter 2021 and spring 2022 weddings, new research has revealed.

The research, conducted by independent digital insurance broker PolicyBee, analyzed search volume data for 125 beauty trends to decipher which were currently the ‘most popular’ or emerging in the UK, before asking industry experts to predict how these might translate into the wedding industry for winter 2021 and spring 2022.

“Strict pandemic rules caused major disruption to the wedding industry over what was a long 16 months. But with the recent easing of restrictions, uncapped capacity weddings are back in full swing!" says Kerri-Ann Hockley, head of customer service at PolicyBee. "With this in mind, we decided to analyze search volume data for 125 beauty trends to find out which are currently the ‘most popular’ or emerging in the UK. And we backed it up by asking a panel of industry experts to predict how these might translate into the wedding industry for winter 2021 and spring 2022. So, whether you’re a bride-to-be after the hottest new look, or you’re a beauty practitioner searching for the next big wedding trends to offer your clients, this research should provide you with some ideas and inspiration."

Based on average monthly search volumes over the last 12 months, the Top 20 most popular beauty trends were revealed as: 

  • Massage (201,00 searches per month)
  • Tooth whitening (135,000 searches per month)
  • Invisalign (135,000 searches per month)
  • Laser hair removal (74,000 searches per month)
  • Veneers (74,000 searches per month)
  • Microblading (60,500 searches per month)
  • Lip fillers (49,500 searches per month)
  • Manscaping (49,500 searches per month)
  • Brow lamination (49,500 searches per month)
  • Beard trim (40,500 searches per month)
  • Dermaplaning (40,500 searches per month)
  • Botox (33,100 searches per month)
  • Hair transplant (33,100 searches per month)
  • Liposuction (33,100 searches per month)
  • Eyebrow tint (33,100 searches per month)
  • Microneedling (33,100 searches per month)
  • Profhilo (27,100 searches per month)
  • Pedicure (27,100 searches per month)
  • Waxing (27,100 searches per month)
  • Microdermabrasion (27,100 searches per month)

Ear candling, tattoo removal, chemical peel, lash extensions, dermal fillers, eyebrow threading, mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, and facial serum all featured in the top 50.

Thirty key trends were highlighted in the industry experts’ predictions for winter 2021 and spring 2022 weddings, many of which were corroborated by the search volume research.

The trends include:

  1. Medical grade skincare
  2. Retinol
  3. Niacinamide
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Oil cleansing
  6. Microbiome focused (pro and prebiotics)
  7. Skincare supplements
  8. IVNT (intravenous nutrition) therapy
  9. Healthy glowing skin – ‘skinimalism’
  10. Bronzed and sculptured
  11. Hollywood glamour
  12. A ‘dark moody’ smoky eye
  13. Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  14. Tear trough filler
  15. Thread lift
  16. Brotox
  17. Filler ‘tweakments’
  18. Profhilo
  19. Microneedling
  20. Microblading
  21. Subtle lip fillers
  22. Lip blushing
  23. Natural teeth
  24. White fillings
  25. Composite bonding
  26. Zoom whitening
  27. Laser hair removal
  28. Beard styling
  29. Nail tidy / manicure
  30. Natural eyebrows

“If you’re a practitioner, bear in mind that even if you’re confident you have all the skills you need to deliver a great look, things don’t always go according to plan," Hockley says. "Mistakes and accidents are a fact of life and can be both expensive to fix and damaging to your hard-earned reputation. So, before jumping in with a new look or service, make sure to do proper research first and get the necessary training. It's also a good idea to protect yourself and your business with treatment and professional liability insurance, in case things go unexpectedly wrong.”

For more information about the research, visit: https://www.policybee.co.uk/blog/top-beauty-trends-predictions-for-2021-22-weddings

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