The Upturn We Need for the Future of Beauty
The Upturn We Need for the Future of Beauty

An upturn is on the horizon and it will be the creatives who lead the way. The salon industry is known to be on the innovative forefront. Our top leaders need to be confident when presenting new ideas for their industries.

You help create that confidence.

The innovative ideas of our salon professionals support the ideals of us all. But let me ask you, when was the last time you had a great idea? How do you connect with others to get that great idea off the ground?

Creative thinking and innovation are now the top skills needed in our workforce but ideas don’come to fruition on their own. We need to know how to connect, create and innovate with people from various backgrounds and cultures to get our innovative ideas into the beauty industry.

For this reason, the concept of, ‘Intercultural Creativity®’ will be the critical topic for this next era.

Creativity is no longer negotiable. We need new ideas. Creative thinking isn’t just artistry and for the select few, it’s for all of us and in all fields, especially the beauty industry.

Creativity isthe process of problem finding and problem solving with value, relevance and novelty. But how is our creativity related to, or even dependent upon, our ability to connect with others?

Good question!

Creative thinking sits upon many cognitive skills, which interestingly enough, also overlap with the skills needed to become culturally competent and work with people from different lived backgrounds. 

These skills are:

  • Having an Open Mindset
  • Empathy
  • Skilled Observation
  • Curiosity
  • Perspective Shifting
  • Connecting across our commonalities and differences
  • Having the courage to connect, share and create!

When beauty professionals develop their intercultural competency they in turn increase the skills needed for creative thinking. The concept of ‘Intercultural Creativity®’ is needed nowmore than ever for this new era of work and innovation. 

A salon’s greatest source of creativity and innovation is hidden within their human talent.

Creativity thrives in a culture of inclusion where professionals feel engaged, connected and
passionate about their work and their ability to contribute meaningfully to their salon and

This is the UPTURN we need for 2022 and beyond. Let’s connect, create and innovate the beauty industry together.

The author of 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity, Genein Letford is the opening mainstage presenter at Serious Business 2022. For more information and tickets to the event, visit

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