Take Your Business to the Next Level with Spa Space
Take Your Business to the Next Level with Spa Space

The Spa Space network features consciously cultivated environments, the highest safety standards, and all the supplies beauty professionals need to create a luxurious and restorative wellness experience for guests.

Many of us have felt an entrepreneurial urge of bringing to life an idea that would revolutionize the way people work and live—an “if only I could throw myself all-in on this” idea, a true game-changer. All too often, a lack of time and resources stands in the way of making it happen.

For Ilana Alberico, Nathalie Malkoff and Christina Stratton, the silver lining of 2020’s lockdowns was dedicated time to focus on their industry-changing app concept: Spa Space.

“When COVID-19 shook the world—and the beauty industry—in 2020, we saw an opportunity for service providers from all specialties to get back to business in a new and better way,” Alberico says.

Spa Space doubled down on development, embracing transformative technology to give traditional salon and spa operations a makeover, while hosting a safe, new way to provide beauty services as the industry reopened.

“What our industry needs is intelligent technology to drive staffing, yield management, cost efficiencies, space utilization, recruiting and retention and improved guest services—all in real time,” Alberico says.

As a former massage therapist with more than 20 years of experience under her belt, Spa Space co-founder and CEO Alberico observed that the industry’s best providers were often skeptical of working in spas due to long onboarding and lack of menu diversity. Spa Space unlocks access to the most beautiful places for the world’s best specialists, while at the same time filling underutilized treatment rooms and allowing guests to book based on needs and preferences, not on a static menu of services.

“With Spa Space, we've said goodbye to confusing service menus, so beauty pros can share their specialized skills and focus on their guests,” Alberico says. “We don't do payroll cycles; now you'll be paid just days after each service you provide. You choose when and where you work; we provide beautiful treatment rooms and all the supplies you need.”


Tara Donley, a massage therapist based in Orlando, Florida, loves the freedom the Spa Space app allows her—setting her own hours, taking a day off when she needs one, and working out of different locations based on her guests’ unique needs.

"Being a full-time mom, Spa Space empowers me to do the work I love and still be fully present with my family,” Donley says. “The flexibility to choose when and where I work supports me in achieving a work-life balance that I never thought possible.”


Instant access to earnings was a key pillar in the development of the Spa Space app—as well as transactional visibility.

“Through Spa Space, my payouts are easy to read, with breakdowns making it simple to track where each dollar comes from,” Donley says. “I’m paid fast, often within 24-48 hours. I always have money in my pocket, because I'm always getting paid!”


Spa Space Professional Partners can unlock access to an exclusive network of facility partners, each with its own personality and beautiful aesthetic.

The Spa Space network is constantly expanding, featuring consciously cultivated environments, the highest safety standards, and all the supplies beauty professionals need to create a luxurious and restorative wellness experience for guests.

Another bonus? Say goodbye to washing linens, hauling supplies or worrying about creating ambiance for your sessions—just show up when and where you want to work, and everything is provided. 


Regardless of your specialty—or specialties—Spa Space has a home for all beauty professionals. Specialize in hair or nails? Great. Specialize in hair and nails? Even better. With Spa Space, there are zero limitations with static service menus and beauty pros can share their unique modalities to match guests' individual needs and preferences.

"I love that every massage I give is totally customized,” Donley says. “Since there are no fixed protocols, I’m able to use my expertise to create individualized treatments that are completely in line with my guests’ needs. They leave happier, and I am empowered to use every tool in my arsenal of skills to help them."


Spa Space is committed to creating and maintaining safe and healthy environments for professional partners and guests. All treatment rooms in the network include a comprehensive collection of regularly sanitized supplies, and all COVID-19 safety regulations are diligently followed, including nuances with current local and national requirements and recommendations.

“Supporting whole-body wellness for everyone we encounter is our top priority, now and always,” Alberico says.

To learn more Spa Space, and how to become a Spa Space Professional Partner, visit https://app.spaspace.com/spa/main/provider/join.

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