Reach More Clients with Square Appointments’ Processing Time
Reach More Clients with Square Appointments’ Processing Time

Every salon wants to maximize time and see as many clients as possible. With downtime during appointments, many salons find themselves missing out on making money, and spending way too much time manually filling service downtimes during existing appointments. Your client's eyelash tints are setting, yet your calendar has nothing else booked for the remainder of the appointment.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Time is money.” Now you can get more of both with Square Appointments’ processing time feature that allows clients to book their treatments during a service downtime. Instead of sitting around while your client’s balayage or highlight treatments settle, you can get started working on another client right away. This helps save time, increase profits, and keep your calendar organized and up to date.

Save time for you and your business

Fitting clients in during a service downtime can be tedious and time consuming. Salons might have to comb through lists of clients to find someone to fill an appointment, meanwhile missing out on a whole pool of new clients waiting to schedule a booking. This can result in lower occupancy of salons as they spend hours a week fielding phone calls and texts.

With Square Appointments processing time, you no longer have to text back and forth with clients to “squeeze them in.” Square Appointments’ processing time automatically displays your services and abilities so clients can simply select their treatment, book during a service downtime, and then they’re ready to go!

"Processing time has saved our salon time by taking the guesswork out of booking appointments. Instead of trying to figure out when to fit an additional booking into a pre-existing appointment, Square Appointments' processing time does all the work for us,” said Joe Cisneros, owner of Woodlund Salon.

Reach More Clients with Square Appointments’ Processing Time
Reach More Clients with Square Appointments’ Processing Time

Show me the money

Every business, not just salons, want to earn the most for their time. During downtimes, your salon could be making valuable money that is otherwise lost.

Your salon can even get discovered by potential clients browsing online, and then booking with you in one click right from your website, Google, or Instagram. With an integrated and customizable website through Square Online, clients can view a beautiful website where they simply and easily book appointments, helping you reach new and existing clients.


Take control of your calendar

You know the best way you work. You might work better in a fast-paced salon with back-to-back bookings, whereas another might do best with spaced out appointments. Square Appointments’ processing time lets you order services to match your workflow and make space for additional bookings. Within Square Appointments, simply go to a service, toggle on processing time, then set the duration of open time to make it bookable by other clients. When a client books multiple services in a single appointment, you’ll also have the capability of ordering the services in the way that makes sense so the processing time lands in the correct time slot for your workflow.

With an organized calendar, you can keep an accurate view of your schedule so you can understand what your week looks like with highlighted downtimes. Since clients can book downtimes in the background, you’ll be notified of a booked slot without any extra work needed from you!

Square Appointments’ processing time is here to help you grow. Gone are the days of manually texting and calling clients trying to fill your calendar. You can now get more clients for your time, freeing up the clock to focus on running and growing your business!

“Square Appointments' processing time is an amazing tool to use when we have guests that can be worked into a processing time slot,” Joe Cisneros, owner of Woodlund Salon. “Our salon now has the flexibility to book more clients and we are ecstatic to have this feature to help make our jobs better and more efficient."

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