8 Reports You Need in Your Salon and Spa Software
8 Reports You Need in Your Salon and Spa Software

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Understanding your data and tracking business (and employee) performance are critical to salon and spa growth. These tasks can be simplified through the reporting features and capabilities of your salon and spa software – if it has the right reports available for you!

But what reports do you want to look for in salon and spa software, and how do they help your business measure performance and make informed decisions? Below, we highlight 8 powerful reports beauty and wellness businesses can’t live without, all of which you can find in Meevo 2

1) Employee Key Performance Indicators (MA200)

Salon and spa Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are some of the most important numbers your business can track. Our favorite KPIs include New Clients Per MonthNew Client RetentionRepeat Client RetentionFrequency of Visit (FOV)Average Ticket, and Productivity.

Having access to a report that provides insights into these KPIs can help you track performance against your goals and adjust strategies to achieve success. Meevo 2 users know such a report very well, as it is arguably our most well-known and powerful report – the MA200!

With the MA200 (which happens to be our Founder and CEO John Harms’ favorite report), salon and spa owners gain all the information needed on one page to conduct an amazing employee review, including all your most important KPIs!

2) Retention Projection (MA075)

We know client retention is always on the minds of salon and spa leaders. Knowing your current retention data is an essential first step. But what if you could forecast retention numbers into the future and see where you can make improvements to boost future revenue?

With a Retention Projection report, you can do just that! Meevo 2’s MA075 report displays retention for the current month and forecasts what retention will be for each of the next 3 months.

With these projections at your fingertips, you’ll be armed with the data needed to make decisions to improve your retention KPIs and bring in additional revenue!

3) Sales Statistics (MA225)

Have you ever wondered how your business is performing this month compared to last month? How about this week compared to the same week last year? Having instant access to this data can help you determine areas of your business that are outperforming or underperforming specific goals and objectives.

With Meevo 2’s MA225 Sales Statistics report, you can compare business performance against various time ranges to uncover trends, see areas for improvement, understand if new strategies are working, and so much more!

Want to learn more about the MA225? Watch John Harms talk about this amazing report!

4) Appointment Recall Listing (AQ070)

Frequency of Visit (FOV) is one of our favorite KPIs, and increasing it helps generate additional revenue for your business. Running a report that shows you the clients who are overdue for their next service would be invaluable in boosting this KPI.

Well, with Meevo 2’s AQ070 Appointment Recall Listing report, seeing these customers is made easy! By running this report, you can build segmented customer lists and then craft personalized communications to these customers to get them back in the door for their next service!

5) Liability Summary (MR129)

Selling packages, series, and memberships are popular for many salons and spas, as are customer loyalty programs. All these help drive revenue while improving FOV and client retention. So, having a report that highlights liability details can be extremely helpful.

The MR129 Liability Summary report does just that! You can see all outstanding liabilities, liabilities that were purchased or redeemed within a selected date range, Point Campaign and Point Promotion info, Client Account info, and offsite liability information (if applicable).

6) Register Summary (MR080)

In need of a quick, complete view of all your Register activity for the day, week, month, or custom time range? That’s where a dedicated Register report can be invaluable for managers and front desk staff!

Meevo 2 clients know this report extremely well, as the MR080 Register Summary report is one of our most popular. It shows all Register activity, including payment methods, service and product sales, tax collected, and liabilities purchased and redeemed.

Additionally, you can run the MR080 at the end of each business day to assist with closing your Register.

7) Missed Opportunities (AQ210)

Understanding areas of your business that may be underperforming or costing you potential revenue is extremely important. With this data, you can make informed decisions to improve salon marketing strategies that lead to greater sales and additional bookings.

One such report exists in Meevo 2 that happens to be one of our favorites and most powerful! The AQ210 Missed Opportunities report helps our clients view the reasons why an appointment could not be booked, or a missed opportunity. By creating or adding Missed Opportunities in Meevo 2, clients can run the AQ210 and analyze the revenue lost from non-bookings.

With this information, you can then see where you are losing potential revenue and take the necessary steps to turn this area into a substantial revenue generator for your salon or spa!

8) Sales Rankings

Ever wanted to quickly see which of your services was the most popular? How about your top-performing employees? Having access to a tool that can let you know the answers to these questions (and others) can be invaluable – and in Meevo 2, this is called Sales Rankings.

This powerful feature displays the top-selling services and products based on client purchases or employee sales for a selected time range. It also lets you drill down to view individual employee performance and can rank employee performance against your KPIs.

Know Your Numbers and Drive Business Growth with Meevo 2

Helping our industry better understand the business side of beauty has been a mission for Millennium Systems International for nearly 35 years. Powerful reporting and analytics help leaders know their numbers, identify areas for improvement, and make informed business decisions that ultimately lead to success.

See for yourself how Meevo 2 and its more than 100 reports can help your business thrive today and well into the future!


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